Galeforce Nine Showcase 2019 Releases

December 20, 2018 by cassn

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Galeforce Nine have announced their teaser for their 2019 release schedule. You can watch the trailer below:

January will see the release of collector series miniatures for Waterdeep: Dungeons of the Mad Mage, including a miniature of Halaster Blackcloak himself!

These miniatures are, as usual, beautifully detailed. I love the dynamic posing of Halaster, he looks ready for action!

There will also be a wealth of expansion releases from Galeforce Nine this year, including multiple Doctor Who expansions, Vulcan and Andorian player expansions for Star Trek Ascendancy, and Firefly expansions.

There are also two new standalone games being released - Aliens will launch in the summer, followed by the first of the Galeforce Nine Dune games later in the year.

As for Dungeons & Dragons, Galeforce Nine have once again delivered, promising new tokens, monster cards, class-specific dice sets, new languages, new DM Kits, new storage cases, and new collector series models! Wow!

Are you excited for these releases?


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