The Horn Of Helm Hammerhand Sounds In The Deep!

February 7, 2020 by brennon

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A bit of a historical miniature for you today, but not in the way you'd think. Forge World has now put up for pre-order the awesome Helm Hammerhand miniature for use in your Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game battles.

Helm Hammerhand #1 - Forge World

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The set gives you two models to represent the Ninth King Of Rohan. Hammerhand was well known for his raw strength and it was said that his fists could strike with the might of a hammer, hence the name. He was also at constant war with the Dunlendings and when Edoras was under attack he and his kin held out at the fortress of Suthburg. When he rode out and clashed with the Dunlendings, driving them back, his victory caused the people to name the bastion Helm's Deep.

Helm Hammerhand #2 - Forge World

Both versions of the king are wearing heavy, royal armour and he wields a massive sword which you just know is ready to hack through any Dunlendings or Orcs that dare to strike at the heart of his kingdom. It would be very cool to see this his battle at Suthburg played out on the tabletop.

Cruel Masters

As well as the mighty Helm Hammerhand, you've also got the Grishnákh & Snaga pack which offers up two of the cruel Orcs who served under Saruman and Sauron. You might remember them as the duo that captured Merry & Pippin alongside a hunting party of Uruk Hai.

Grishnakh & Snaga #1 - Forge World

Whilst Grishnákh met his fate at the hands of Treebeard, Snaga also found himself in unfortunate circumstances when he got turned into a meal! You could play out the clash between the men and women of Rohan as they chased down this pack of evil-doers across the plains.

Grishnakh & Snaga #2 - Forge World

I also love the idea of doing the pursuit of Merry & Pippin as Grishnákh is in pursuit. Imagine if you had some rules in place for the Hobbits and dash and hide between the trees whilst the Orc tries to sniff them out. You could have them rushing from one side of the board to the other in hopes of running into Treebeard!

Are you going to be snapping up both of these miniature sets for Middle-earth?

"Are you going to be snapping up both of these miniature sets for Middle-earth?"

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