Help Or Hinder Sharkey’s Ruffians With New Hobbit Releases

October 11, 2019 by brennon

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Forge World has released some new miniatures for those looking to recreate the fight to save The Shire from Sharkey in your games of Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game. Leading the way we have some Vagabond Of The Shire.

Ted Sandyman & Lotho Sackville Baggins - Forge World

Here we have Ted Sandyman & Lotho Sackville Baggins. Ted Sandyman ran one of the mills within The Shire and was more than happy to join forces with Sharkey and his Ruffians. He ripped down his father's old mill and replaced it with one twisted into a machine packed with smoke and grinding wheels.

Lotho Sackville Baggins also threw his lot in with Sharkey looking to find himself a place of some import. Obsessed with money he was more than willing to sell out his fellow Hobbits and this eventually led to his fall once Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin returned to The Shire.

Freedom For The Shire

On the other side of things, we have the Personalities Of The Shire with Folco Boffin & Farmer Cotton.

Folco Boffin & Farmer Cotton - Forge World

Folco Boffin was a good friend of Frodo Baggins and even helped him as he left The Shire and headed to Rivendell. He stayed behind however near Crickhollow to make sure that the ruse was maintained and no-one knew of Frodo's true intent.

We also have Farmer Cotton, father of Rosie Cotton. When Frodo and friends returned from their adventures he was one of those Hobbits who rallied others to fight against Sharkey and rid him and his Ruffians from The Shire.

This is another great set of character miniatures for those playing games set during the Scouring Of The Shire and I hope folks get to pick them up and use them in their expanding Hobbit armies.

What do you think?

"I hope folks get to pick them up and use them in their expanding Hobbit armies..."

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