Hobgoblin Hobbies Launches Manyrings Treeman Kickstarter

October 11, 2019 by brennon

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Hobgoblin Hobbies has now taken to Kickstarter to fund the release of their mighty treeman, Manyrings! This creaking old oak is ready to start smashing interlopers to his woodland with a big ol' rock.

Manyrings Treeman - Hobgoblin Hobbies

This absolutely monstrous-looking Treeman stands at 160mm in size, from his rooted feet all the way to the tops of his branches. I love the way they've kept that old man look going on with his facial features, that set jaw reminding me of a coot who might tell kids to get off his lawn.

Manyrings Treeman Scale - Hobgoblin Games

As well as the model for Manyrings the campaign has also now unlocked two more Treemen as stretch goals, Grimroot and Darkoak. This could form the basis of a very cool alternative Fantasy army made up of mighty monsters rather than the standard rank and file troopers we're used to seeing.

Lots of other elements are also on the way including some smaller models like Branch Brutes, Mushroommen and Barkbeast...who I am very interested in seeing.

What do you think of The Mighty Manyrings?

"What do you think of The Mighty Manyrings?"

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