Lumineth Realm-lords New Box + Mighty Gargants For Age Of Sigmar

April 6, 2020 by brennon

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Games Workshop continued the previews this week for Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar too. Leading the way was the news that we're going to see a special boxed release to celebrate the Lumineth Realm-lords coming to the Mortal Realms.

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In the quirky video above you can see that they are going to be bundling a book (with special cover), dice, tokens and of course miniatures together for Aelf fans. When it comes to miniatures, the set will contain ten Auralan Wardens and five Vanari Dawnriders, plus The Light of Eltharion which is one of the best looking models I've seen in a while.

Lumineth Realm-lords Army Box - Games Workshop

Say what you will about the wider range and offerings from Games Workshop for the Lumineth Realm-lords but the regular infantry and cavalry options are really nice. I love their style and I think the cavalry look great. Also, it seems apt to have another look at that awesome model for The Light of Eltharion who is no doubt pissed that Teclis didn't at least work on giving him a full body.

The Light of Eltharion - Games Workshop

It will be interesting to see just how armies look for Lumineth players in the future. I could see a lot of conversion work being done to bring the army more in line with the classic look of the High Elves from Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Perhaps we'll even see people taking some of the characters and working them into Aeldari forces too.

The Sons Of Behemat

In addition to the Lumineth Realm-lords release, we also had a teaser for what's coming in the future for the forces of Destruction.

The Aleguzzler Gargants have been stomping over battlefields for a long time already but it seems like the godbeast known as Behemat has birthed a new range of children to stomp across the battlefields of the Mortal Realms.

Sons Of Behemat - Games Workshop

Godbeasts are very cool in the Mortal Realms if you've not heard of them before. They are, more often than not, continent-sized monsters which are absolutely apocalyptic in scale and always end up finding themselves in-between mighty armies. A lot of them are often fought over in hopes that they can be twisted and turned to fight for the Chaos Gods and the like.

It was a shame that we didn't get much more than a few teaser peeks at these new models but I would imagine we're going to see whole armies of Gargants on the tabletop soon. At least this army is only going to have a handful of miniatures to paint right? Well, they are going to be huge...but it's still not entirely regiments of troops!

If you're a fan of Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar then you've got some fun bits and bobs in the works.

What do you make of these new teasers?

"If you're a fan of Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar then you've got some fun bits and bobs in the works..."

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