Ninja Division Releases April’s Previews For Relic Knights

March 25, 2016 by stvitusdancern

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Things are heating up over at Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures, they have released the previews for their terrific card driven Sci-Fi game Relic Knights. This time around we are getting a look at a pretty awesome mech, a villainous demon priest and lastly a really slick battlesuit.

The Star Nebula are really getting the special treatment this month with two releases. First up is the mech, Rustbucket, at first I wondering why they would name him that and then I learned that he is built from remains of distant battlefields. A little ingenuity on the part of the Star Nebula's engineers. I am liking the direction that Relic Knights is heading with these mechs.

The second addition is that of the Dark Paladin Jenner the Seeker, he is part of the Ossyrian Order and they have their own unconventional way of dealing with the Dark Space Calamity.

The third character is for the Noh Empire,

Har Ancient is an honorific bestowed upon the highest ranking members of the Nozuki priesthood within Dragon Fleet Har. Preaching madness and fury wherever he goes, the Har Ancient sows terror and madness throughout the Last Galaxy

I am loving the new breath of life that is going into Relic Knights and how Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures have addressed the going back to resin issue. A smart move all around and I cannot wait to see where they go next.

What do you think of the new releases?

"I am loving the new breath of life that is going into Relic Knights..."

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