Para Bellum Delve Into The Background Of The Dweghom

February 15, 2019 by brennon

We're learning more about the Dweghom with another dose of background on this faction within Para Bellum Wargames' Conquest.

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We learn what happens within their cities where the Archive, Judicial Court, Record Keep, Proving Ground and dwelling of the Mnemancers last. Below is more on the Memory Holds of the Dweghom...

“It is remembered that the Tall Men of the North came to the Hold’s gates. It is remembered that their leader was taller and stronger than the other Northmen and it is remembered that they treated him as Thane. It was discussed that he knocked on the Hold’s gates bear-fisted and it is remembered that the echoes were heard by two squads on patrol in the Sealed Halls above. It is remembered that the King ordered his own troops surface-wards, to guard the gates of the Hold and scout where the Northmen came from.

It is remembered that his troops reported that five times the sun had risen on the surface and five times the leader of the Northmen had knocked on the gates and screamed. It is assumed that he screamed insults and challenges but none of the Dweghom there knew the Tongue of Men and therefore no response was given.

It is remembered that the King summoned the Council and all Thanes gathered to decide who's clan would fight the Tall Men. It is remembered that the Thanes argued on how much aghm killing Tall Men would offer before they offered and so this Mnemancer was asked. It is remembered that a report from the Surface was delivered at that time. Herein follows, each word spoken put to runes, the report of patrol leader Dhaggim of Clan Thredigh to the Council:

'I come from the Surface, where the Deep Water meets the Land, the place that is marked to be called the Jaw of Ghisghigamosh. I saw that there the Northmen have their Camp. They have drawn their Floatmounts on the shore and set their cloth Windcatchers against their wood to make houses. I saw that they have raised their banners and that they belong to many clans. I saw more of their Windcatchers gliding on the Deep Water, coming towards the land. And I saw dragonheads sculpted on the wood of their Floatmounts.'

It is remembered that all Thanes called their men to arms and the Council Hall emptied. It is remembered that the King remained in the Hall. It is remembered that the King whispered but the words were heard by none.

This is a Memory remembered by Vodhergodh, Mnemancer of King Adeildh, who inscribed it on this place in the Memory Hall of Aul’Domn.”

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"What do you make of the Dweghom for Conquest?"

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