Steamforged Ask Which Critical Role Miniature Should Be Next?

September 10, 2018 by brennon

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Steamforged Games are continuing to work alongside the crew from Critical Role on a range of miniatures from the role-playing universe created by Matt Mercer. The next character to arrive on their webstore is Kiri whom many will know from Campaign II and the adventures of the Mighty Nein!

Critical Role Kiri - Steamforged Games

This cute little lady almost made me love Kenku...almost. For those of you who haven't caught up with the story, I won't spoil anything from Campaign II but she was a charming addition to the cast of characters and it was very cute seeing her interactions with the various members of the Mighty Nein on their journeys.

Kiri is available on the Steamforged Games webstore for release later this year AND as a pick up from Essen SPIEL '18 much like the Winged Vax model that we saw released around the time of Gen Con.


Looking back towards Campaign I, the team at Steamforged Games has also put forth a vote so you can decide which character will be next after Kiri. The first of these is Vanessa, the leader of the Slayer's Take, a mercenary band of monsters slayers that rove the lands looking for contracts to bring down.

Critical Role Vanessa - Steamforged Games

She is a rather awesome character, voiced by Matt Mercer of course, and as another Tiefling, it's great to see here take shape as she does here. We don't get to see enough Tieflings on the tabletop in model form.

Next up we have a pair of heroes who joined Vox Machina for a time as they split and adventured for the Slayer's Take. The first of these is Thorbir who was played by Wil Wheaton!

Critical Role Thorbir - Steamforged Games

As a rather gruff and angry Dwarf, he very much typified his race. As you might imagine from Wil Wheaton he was also incredibly bad at hitting things with plenty of terrible rolls bouncing around on the tabletop.

We also have the character that Felicia Day played, Lyra.

Critical Role Lyra - Steamforged Games

This bookish and nerdy Wizard was a perfect fit for the group and her interactions with Aldor, her love interest from the Slayer's Take, were very funny indeed. The adventures she went on with Vox Machina to hunt down a White Dragon are some of the coolest moments from that first campaign.

I voted for Lyra as I think she'd be a great miniature to paint up!

Which will you vote for?

"I voted for Lyra as I think she'd be a great miniature to paint up!"

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