Hell On Wheels Vehicles Coming For Sergeants Miniatures Game

May 26, 2016 by stvitusdancern

Lost Battalion Games is ramping up for the June release of the Hell on Wheels expansion for the Sergeants Miniatures Game.

With this expansion you will now be able to add vehicles to your game. The first vehicles that will be available now or soon will be are the M4A1 Sherman, M2A1 Halftrack, Marder IIIM and SdKfz 250-1.

The vehicles system comes in a module with the vehicle strategy card as well as all the playable cards for actions. I am not sure how they will play in the game itself, but know that it is a card mechanic that matches actions with the strategy cards to see how you activate and what actions that miniature can do.

I just picked up the Day of Days American starter set and I have to say the quality of the different components is top shelf. Every thing you need to play is in the box including the pre-painted miniatures and even the glue dot to mount them to their stand!

This game is unique in that it is a card driven, miniatures based boardgame and once you understand the rules and game play, it is very fun. I hope to do a review of it in the near future once I get a few more game under my belt.

Also, I realize that the entry cost to the game may be considered high for some people, but as I said you are getting a fully playable and fully painted miniatures game.

Have you tried Sergeants Miniatures Game yet?

"... I have to say the quality of the different components is top shelf"

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