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Black Scorpion Share New Tombstone Previews


Black Scorpion is beginning to deliver on their Tombstone Kickstarter, a Wild West skirmish game full of awesome looking miniatures.

Knuckleduster Announce The Date For Gunfighter’s Ball Kickstarter


Knuckleduster have announced that they will be launching the Kickstarter for their Gunfighter's Ball on the 17th of November.

A New Skinwalker Posse Assembles For The Hunt In Dracula’s America


North Star has recently added a new Posse to their webstore for use within the dark world of Dracula's America, the ace skirmish game from Osprey Games. Take a look at the Skinwalkers...

Rattlesnake Jack & The Chaco Kid Duel At Knuckleduster


Knuckleduster have previewed a new pair of gunslingers for the wild west, a dandy old codger called Rattlesnake Jack and a rather familiar looking figure known as the Chaco Kid.

Knuckleduster Shows Off “Bathing Belligerent” For Gun Fighter’s Ball


Things are starting to heat up in the old west, with the promise of Gunfighter's Ball on the way from Knuckleduster Miniatures. Check out the fantastic render for the "Bathing Beligerent," one of the fellas on the way in the Kickstater.

Knuckleduster Share Gunfighter’s Ball Greenhorn Rules PDF


Knuckleduster Miniatures have shared a selection of PDF documents which will enable you to get stuck into Gunfighter's Ball with what they're calling the Greenhorn Edition.

Wild West Exodus Week: The Enlightened Faction Guide


Are the costs of scientific advancement always worth it for the greater good?

Wild West Exodus Week: The Union Faction Guide

4 years ago 82

Welcome to the Union in this Wild West Exodus Week here on Beasts of War.

Wild West Exodus Week: Hex Vs Warrior Nation Battle Report

4 years ago 91

Darren and Az face off on the Higher Ground scenario!

Wild West Exodus Week: The Order Faction Guide

4 years ago 99

Open your mind to power of The Order!

Wild West Exodus Week: The Hex Faction Guide

4 years ago 99

The Hex is the root and the beginning of the changes in the world of Wild West Exodus.

Wild West Exodus Week: The Outlaws Faction Guide

4 years ago 100

Today we're talking with Warcradle Studios to discuss the outlandish Outlaws in the universe of Wild West Exodus.

Wild West Exodus Week: The Lawmen Faction Guide

4 years ago 105

It's high noon and the law has come to town.

Wild West Exodus Week: Warrior Nation vs Watchers

4 years ago 104

Now it's time to throw them in the fray.

Wild West Exodus Week: The Watchers Faction Guide

4 years ago 119

For our next Faction Chat with the guys from Warcradle Studios we're talking about The Watchers.

Wild West Exodus Week: The Warrior Nation Faction Guide

4 years ago 135

Check out the first of our Faction Chats with the guys from Warcradle Studios as we encounter the Warrior Nation.

Let’s Play: Wild West Exodus – Expanded Stake A Claim Scenario

4 years ago 7

Darren from Warcradle returns to the forest mines this week to show Justin the Stake a Claim scenario in Wild West Exodus.

Knuckleduster Heading To The Wild West Of Kickstarter In November


Knuckleduster Miniatures are going to be heading to Kickstarter in November as they look for funding to add more to their Gunfighter's Ball range of Wild West miniatures.

New Outlaws Mount Up From Knuckleduster Miniatures


Knuckleduster Miniatures has previewed another look at what's coming for their Outlaw faction and the Wild West frontier. This time they're mounting up on horseback.

Knuckleduster Release Their Gunfighters Ball


Knuckleduster have come out with a bunch of new releases, populating their new Gunfighters Ball.

Gangfight Reveal The Third Of Their Lawmen Deputies


A third deputy has joined the lawmen of Gangfight Games as they reveal their latest render.

Pinkerton Bomber Gets Kuckleduster’s Gunfighter’s Ball Off With A Bang


Knuckleduster Miniatures have announced they will be releasing a large batch of Gunfighter's Ball minis this week, including a Pinkerton Agent they have just shown off.

Join The Crowd Mosying Down To The Bar At Knuckleduster


Knuckleduster Miniatures have released a new Bar Crowd set to fill up the saloons of the wild west.

Innocent Bystanders Wander Past Knuckleduster Miniatures


Knuckleduster Miniatures are working on a couple of innocent bystanders to send wandering through the wild west.

New Gunfighter’s Ball Releases From Knuckleduster Miniatures


Knuckleduster Miniatures has added the perfect new details to bring your wild west to life. Now you can add more townsfolk to your table and keep your cattle and horses in your new corral!

Knuckleduster Hire More Wild West Pinkerton Agents


Knuckleduster Miniatures is adding to their Wild West collection with a full on posse of Pinkerton Agents!

Knuckleduster’s Newest Wild West Gangs Now Available


Knuckleduster Miniatures has now released their wave of new models and terrain for your Wild West games.

The Pinkertons Are Coming To Knuckleduster’s Wild West Range


Knuckleduster Miniatures are growing their range for the Wild West with some mercenary types. Here we have one of their Pinkertons fishing for more ammo in his pockets.

Have A Shootout At Knuckleduster’s Butcher Shop


Knuckleduster Miniatures are adding to their Wild West collection with a terrain piece, the Butcher Shop.

More New Faces For The West On The Way From Knuckleduster


Knuckleduster Miniatures is adding two more colourful characters to their line of Wild West minis. Kansas City Sal and "the Duck" are the new kids in town and ready to join your collection.

Get Looting With Knuckleduster’s Wild West Frank James


Knuckleduster is getting ready for a shootout as they rob a bank somewhere in the Wild West with Frank James and his sack of bounty.

Knuckleduster Adds Three More Townsfolk To The Wild West


Knuckleduster Miniatures have brought out three new fellas for their wild west collection at Little Wars, and they're ready to make their way into your collection.

Get Shot & Buried In Empires At War’s New Wild West Terrain


Two new prepainted kits have been added to the collection from Empires At War for your Wild West gaming which is becoming particularly popular right now.

Kickstarter Goes Hollywood With Native Renegades From Blind Beggar Miniatures


Blind Beggar Miniatures is on Kickstarter looking for help funding their "Hollywood" version of Native Americans.

Old West Ghost Town Now Available From Sarissa Precision


Sarissa Precision has a new collection of buildings for your Old West game or even Weird Wild West. A series of buildings for a ghost town.

Old Man Taylor Coming To Sutton-Taylor Faction From Knuckleduster


Knuckleduster Miniatures is producing more awesome miniatures for your next shootout in the Old West.

Weekender: Andy Chambers Unveils Warforged: First Contact & BoW Annual Awards Begin!


Join us for an awesome Weekender packed with news, interviews and the announcement of the BoW Gaming Awards 2016.

Red Beam Designs Sets Up A Collapsible Wild West Terrain Kit


Red Beam Designs brings together a fantastic new terrain set for your Wild West tabletops. This is a collapsible MDF kit which enables you to build up a range of Wild West terrain pieces and then break them down when you need to transport it all.

Black Scorpion Lay Down The Law In Tombstone


The Black Scorpion team shared another preview for you this week ahead of their Tombstone Kickstarter. This time we're checking out the Lawmen.

Encounter A Ghost Town With 4Ground’s Dead Man’s Hand Terrain


To coincide with the launch of Curse Of Dead Man's Hand, Great Escape Games teamed up with 4Ground to create a range of terrain perfect for the undead-ridden streets of this Wild West town.

Black Scorpion Start A Gunfight With Tombstone’s Mexicans


Black Scorpion continue their previews for what lies ahead as part of their Tombstone Kickstarter with a look at the Mexican faction. Will you be heading south of the border?

Weekender XLBS: The Daring Raid Of St Nazaire & What’s Next For Warlord Games?


We're back for our Backstage chat as we delve into the world of tabletop gaming once more on The Weekender XLBS.

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