Imperial Terrain Wander Around A Sci-Fi Desert City

July 10, 2020 by brennon

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Imperial Terrain has been showing off three new pieces of terrain for your Sci-Fi tabletops, perhaps for a world which is far, far away. The first two pieces here are by a fellow named Jesús and we start with The City Gates.

City Gates - Imperial Terrain.jpg

City Gates // Imperial Terrain

These would be great options for those building up the opening to a desert city, perhaps one which has gone through a number of changes over the years. The stones that make up these gates stand impressively tall when you see the miniatures next to them and would be perfect for making that iconic entrance to a bustling locale.

Keeping with the idea of a bustling city, we also have the Outpost Vendor Stand which is also by Jesús.

Outpost Vendor Stand - Imperial Terrain.jpg

Outpost Vendor Stand // Imperial Terrain

Making a place looked lived in is always key and I think this particular piece of terrain could be used multiple times throughout the centre of your desert city for a proper bazaar. You could add a very colourful looking awning to the top of this piece and then, of course, make sure that all of the foodstuffs seem appealing.

Stepping beyond the Jesús collection we also have the Commo Outpost Base which seems like the kind of building which has been somewhat forced on the local landscape.

Commo Outpost Base - Imperial Terrain.jpg

Commo Outpost Base // Imperial Terrain

As displayed here, with Darth Vader and a bunch of Scout Troopers hanging around it, this could be a good objective-based piece of terrain in your games. I like the idea that this looks like a good place that the Rebels are aiming to blow up and of course the Galactic Empire needs to defend.

The Imperial Terrain range is pretty darn awesome and I would highly recommend checking out more of what they have to offer on their webstore.

Are you going to be picking these up?

"I would highly recommend checking out more of what they have to offer on their webstore..."

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