PWork Wargames Build Up Their Outpost Terrain Collection

October 22, 2020 by brennon

PWork Wargames has been showing off a new selection of MDF terrain for those playing 28mm wargames set in the distant future. The Outpost has grown with some fun kits which would make a nice tabletop to attack or defend.

Radar Station - PWork Wargames

Radar Station // PWork Wargames

We start with the Radar Station here which is clearly the place where the enemy is sending out their messages. You need to infiltrate this with your Star Wars, Warhammer 40,000 or Infinity (plus many other games of course) teams so that your allies have a better chance with the war effort.

I like that it comes with plenty of different levels and even the ground floor has been given an element of height with some of the tiny raised areas. It is a fairly simple kit at heart but it should look nice with a good coat of paint and maybe a bit of weathering!

As well as the Radar Station you've also got two Barracks in different sizes.

Barracks - PWork Wargames

Barracks // PWork Wargames

This is the normal Barracks which is a big chunky building which could also work as a hanger. It comes with some additional pieces too like a generator and those boxes which help with your scatter terrain. You can also pick up the Large Barracks which gives you a sense of scale when it comes to this terrain.

Large Barracks - PWork Wargames

Large Barracks // PWork Wargames

As you can see, this would be pretty good for Star Wars and I immediately want to see someone coat all this in a standard grey, work some blaster markings into the surfaces and then dot Stormtroopers about the place.

To help you add some narrative to your collection you've also got this set of Industrial Pipeline which you can work around the various buildings we've seen already.

Industrial Pipeline - PWork Wargames

Industrial Pipeline // PWork Wargames

I love the idea that you'd set up objectives at each of those boxy points around the pipeline. Your team then has to get in there and set explosives to hopefully start a chain reaction and blow that Radar Station we saw earlier sky high! Maybe you could even blow this towering Power Plant into oblivion instead?

Power Plant - PWork Wargames

Power Plant - PWork Wargames

As I mentioned before, this is a fun little set which should work across all manner of different Sci-Fi games. Slap a good basecoat on this and work in plenty of weathering and you'd have some terrain fashioned for the tabletop nice and quickly. I think it would benefit being themed to a particular landscape too. For example, you could really go to town on this and make it pop if you added ice and snow for a frozen world or plenty of creepers for a forest moon.

Are you tempted to pick up this terrain?

" could really go to town on this and make it pop if you added ice and snow for a frozen world or plenty of creepers for a forest moon"

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