A Closer Look At Upcoming Warhammer Dwarfs

January 29, 2014 by brennon

Some more images of the upcoming Dwarfs have arrived on the internet via 40k Warzone and of course Bugman' Brewery, the defiant hold of the Dawi on the internet. See what you think of the Longbeards and a close up of Belegar...



Dwarfs Ranked Up

As you can see above we have a much better look at the Longbeard variant kit that will be coming out soon. The Hammerers were looking pretty awesome but the Longbeards have made my jaw drop a little. They remind me a lot of the old Adrian Smith artwork that I love so much.

They all look very dour and grim and perfect for the older members of the Dwarf hold. When they are set against the other Dwarfs in the range the rest rather vanish into insignificance.

Belegar Close-Up

And above you can see the close up of Belegar where you can see that the icon behind his head clearly is part of the back of the model. As much as that is a relief, I will be chopping that off as soon as possible I reckon. Never been a fan of those thing of things, even in fantasy warfare.

It's looking fairly awesome for the Dwarfs to be honest and despite the rather disappointing Slayer hopefully we have lots to look forward to as the month marches on.

What do you think?

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