Add Some Heroes To The Bolt Action Pacific Theatre

February 21, 2014 by brennon

Warlord Games are adding some spice to the world of Bolt Action with a selection of new rules for playing with some 'hero' characters in the Pacific Theatre. See what you think of the rules for John Basilone, Chesty Puller, Baron Nishi, Orde Wingate and Tadamischi Kuribayashi below on the link...

Baron Nishi

Lewis Puller

Wingate, Fergusson & Cairns

The heroes have been presented with an edge of Hollywood flare which I love. I like that Bolt Action is liberal with the rules and intricacy of Bolt Action and World War II as it makes for a really stunning game on the tabletop.

As an example Basilone (who I remember from Pacific) has the 'Gunny' special rule allowing him to run around with his machine gun instead of having to stay still.

Miniatures exist for a few of these heroes but you could easily make them using one of the plastic sets and some alternative heads.

Incidentally I played an ace game of of Bolt Action last night. My Germans were playing a defensive game against waves of Russian infantry and only just held out as the game drew to a close. It was tense with plenty of ambushes!

What do you think of the rules?

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