Kingdom Death Fans Get Out Their Paint Brushes

March 8, 2012 by dracs

I was just on the Kingdom Death site (not looking at any minis in particular) and thought you guys might like to see some of the great fan painted minis they have posted up.

Kingdom Death - Pinup Preacher

Kingdom Death - Man Hunter

Kingdom Death - Twilight knight

Kingdom Death - Preacher

Kingdom Death - White Preacher

And last but not least Warren's favourite mini of all time.

Kingdom Death - Wet Nurse

These are  just a few of the range of fan painted minis and dioramas Kingdom Death have published and there is some truly stunning pieces among them.

What are your thoughts on these and the others on the Kingdom Death page?

If you want to show off your painted Kingdom Death minis just email them at: [email protected]

Also be sure to stick them up on Minirama for the rest of us to see too.

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