Mantic Games Welcome Kings & Legends?

June 1, 2012 by brennon

As most of you will know the Mantic Kickstarter campaign for Kings of War is doing extremely well. It's already passed the $50,000 mark and looks set to rise even more. So with extra money, what are they planning?

Kings of War Dwarf Hero

King of War Twilight Kin Hero

Well, once they hit $65,000 there is the possibility of a Kings & Legends supplement for the Kings of War game. This book will contain rules for all new Special Heroes working with their Warmaster and Eternal Warrior Pledge Level. You will then have great rules for the tabletop and background on each of these warriors of legend.

On top of that they have already broken the barrier to creating Werewolves and an Orc Chariot/Fight Wagon and are even looking to produce plastic Trolls and even Mummies!

Have you been backing the Kings of War Kickstarter?

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