Crocodile Games’ Mounted Amazons Rush Into Battle

July 8, 2019 by brennon

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Crocodile Games are mounting up alongside their Amazonians and Queen Penthesilea in order to hunt down the interlopers who dared step into their realm.

Queen Penthesilea - Crocodile Games

This daring and feisty Queen is shown charging into battle, ready to loose her spear at some foolish idiot who dared to challenge her army. I love the fact that the sculpt shows off just how masterful a rider Penthesilea is with no saddle, controlling the horse with no doubt an unshakable bond. It is a very dynamic sculpt and perfect for the leader of a Fantasy force.

Wild Riding Women

As well as the Queen we also got a peek at two sets of riders as well. The first of these is the set of Amazon Raiders who are outfitted for a good scrap.

Amazon Raiders - Crocodile Games

The sculpts here again are good but they show the Amazons getting ready in their battleline rather than charging into the action which I would have liked to have seen. They ar still stunning pieces though, giving us a look at some of the heavily armoured elements of the Amazonian army.

Armed to take on enemies at range there is also a set of Amazon Outriders.

Amazon Outriders - Crocodile Games

Armed with bows, these Amazonians are going to be harrying the flanks of the enemy force, picking off foes at range. They will be a perfect screening force for your army as it gets into position for a devastating attack.

Whilst this set of releases is for the expanding WarGods range I think they would make a good backbone for your Age Of Magic or Warlords Of Erehwon force. The selection of additional options spreads to other Mythological forces from Ancient Greece and there are a few Gods in the mix too. So, it's worth considering as a larger mass battle Fantasy force.

What do you make of these new Amazonians?

"The selection of additional options spreads to other Mythological forces from Ancient Greece..."

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