Crooked Dice’s 7TV Apocalypse Is On Kickstarter & Funded!

October 17, 2018 by brennon

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Crooked Dice has taken their 7TV Apocalypse to Kickstarter and it is now successfully funded as they look to knock down many a stretch goal!

7TV Apocalypse - Crooked Dice

The main focus of the campaign is to bring to life their new rules supplements and expansion material to allow you to take your games into the post-apocalypse, however you might want to play that out.

7TV Apocalypse Box - Crooked Dice

The new set comes with a whole bunch of new guides for getting stuck into your new 'shows' set in the Apocalypse as well as all the extra gubbins you need to play with heroes, villains and of course plenty of vehicles too.

The Cast & Cars!

It wouldn't be an apocalypse without some interesting characters to bring to the tabletop and here is just a selection of what Crooked Dice is offering as part of their Kickstarter project.

7TV Cultists - Crooked Dice

I like that you can go down the route of some hellish Apocalypse where perhaps gods have intervened in the matters of humans, or do something really strange and introduce the likes of the Fungoid into proceedings!

7TV Fungoid Crop - Crooked Dice

Some more traditional survivors are also part of the roster allowing you to play out the likes of zombie apocalypses and even a bit of Mad Maxian drama.

7TV Militia - Crooked Dice

We also mentioned that the folks at 7TV were including some vehicles in the mix too and they have continued to add to their Interceptor kit which comes with all manner of accessories to customise your vehicle of choice.

7TV Interceptor - Crooked Dice

The variety of different options will grow for both the cast boxes and the vehicles as they unlock stretch goals. At the time of writing, they have just broken through their funding goal and already got the Wasteland Wanderer ready for the tabletop.

Wasteland Wanderer - Crooked Dice

There is a lot more to come from Crooked Dice when it comes to this campaign so make sure to get stuck in if you fancy telling a new story with 7TV.

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"...allowing you to play out the likes of zombie apocalypses and even a bit of Mad Maxian drama"

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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