Combine Greek Classic History With Mythology In Aegean RPG

October 14, 2021 by fcostin

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Since I was young, dabbling in dice and decks on the tabletop - I always found it difficult to connect with Historical games and systems that themed around real-life events. I envied the likes of my friends who would dabble in battle from across the ages whilst I sat and played with my fantasy board games, deep into mythology and lore. The combination of Greek History and Mythology has now been combined as part of an upcoming RPG, and it is currently on Kickstarter.

Aegean - Image One

Kickstarter Artwork // Aegean Role Playing Game

Players head into Aegean - a tabletop RPG focussing on a band of Mythic warriors in search to build a city free of slavery and rich in culture across the Aegean Sea.

Whether you are looking to make friends or enemies across the Greek isles - that pathway is your choice. Players could access the neighbouring islands as part of trading and negotiations, however, if you wanted to go to war and annoy a God or two along the way - the Aegean Sea is your oyster!

Heading into the game system Aegean, players will enter a world that never existed as mythology and Greek history have teamed up to create a truly interesting turn of events in time.

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Kickstarter RPG Book // Aegean

It isn’t all gods and monsters in Aegean (although that is a particularly good bit to focus on in Greek mythology…), mythical creatures such as centaurs, nymphs and tritons are no stranger to the lands of Greece - ready to engage with humanity once more.

The system used is simple, utilising a dice pool of D10 for your actions: “The resolution mechanic uses a familiar D10 dice pool. Each die that rolls an 8+ is a success and the more successes you roll the better your achievement.”

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Quickstart Rules // DriveThruRPG

If you are interested in the collaborative genres of Aegean, you can head on over to DriveThruRPG here, for access to the QuickStart Rules for free. But be quick this guide will disappear as soon as the Kickstarter Campaign has.

There are many stretch goals available as part of the campaign, along with many pledges to access whether you are a digital gamer or like a good ol’ physical copy.

Although the Kickstarter campaign has not been funded as of yet, there are 17 days left on the clock as of now and the funding is almost met the initial target.

So if you are keen on Greek History and Culture and want to look at immersing yourself further - be sure to take a look at the campaign and check out the quickstart rules for more information on the game world.

Would you like to explore Aegean?

"It isn’t all gods and monsters in Aegean, mythical creatures such as centaurs, nymphs and tritons are no stranger to the lands of Greece - ready to engage with humanity once more."

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