Mutants & Law Enforcer Hit The Strontium Dog Wastelands

March 12, 2019 by brennon

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Warlord Games has previewed two new sets of miniatures for use in Strontium Dog. The first of these is a band of quirky looking Mutant Army Generals who are leading the way for the weird!

Mutant Army Generals - Warlord Games

With the normal folk forcing the mutants to live in ghettos and slums there are many who have flocked to the Mutant Army led by charismatic leaders like Studs Boyce of the Midlands Divison, the Welsh Divisions Evans the Fist, Clacton Fuzz of the South-East Division and the Tyne-and-Weirdies led by The Torso from Newcastle and finally General Armz.

Yeah, that is a lot of very funny names.

I Am The Law(ish)

Away from these miscreants, there are also some Law Enforcement Officers who are trying to keep the peace every single day against some nefarious foes.

Law Enforcement - Warlord Games

These fellows might not be the hardiest of folk but they do have knowledge of the wasteland and the streets of the bigger urban environments, able to keep criminals at bay regardless of their ferocity.

You can also pick up The Kreelers who we looked at in a previous news update!

Will you be snapping up more Strontium Dog?

"...there are many who have flocked to the Mutant Army"

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