Studio Giraldez Provides More Infinity Masterpieces

October 30, 2013 by brennon

Studio Giraldez have painted a whole load more Infinity model and you check out some more in depth views of them over on his Facebook Page. But see what you think of a taster below...

Treitak Anyat (Front)

Treitak Anyat (Rear)

Marine Engineering Officer (Front)

Marine Engineering Officer (Rear)

Lupe Balboa (Front)

Lupe Balboa (Rear)

As you can see they are once again some stunning additions to the Infinity line-up and painted brilliantly too. Above you have Treitak Anyat, the Marine Engineering Officer and Lupe Balboa just to start things off!

Comm Tech (Front)

Comm Tech (Rear)

Bipandra (Front)

Bipandra (Rear)

Angus (Front)

Angus (Rear)

To round things off we have another three in Comm Tech, Bipandra and Angus all looking to fire up that shiny syndrome for your particular faction from their sci-fi world.

As I mentioned above, you can get a look at all of these in more detail over on the Studio Giraldez Facebook Page and there is some pretty sweet stuff over there for you to get jealous of!

Which is your favourite?

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