Build Fun Sci-Fi Battlefields With Mantic’s TerrainCrate3 Kickstarter

November 22, 2022 by brennon

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Mantic Games have now launched their Kickstarter offering up some brand new terrain for your Sci-Fi tabletop wargames. See what you make of TerrainCrate3 which offers up a host of funky 28mm trees, ruins and more.

TerrainCrate3 Kickstarter - Mantic Games

TerrainCrate3 Kickstarter // Mantic Games

The big focus of the new campaign is the addition of alien flora for you to use when decorating different worlds. The Forest Crate comes with a whole host of modular "tree" elements that can be assembled to make large pieces or split up to be used as scatter.

Forest Crate - Mantic Games

Forest Crate // Mantic Games

Each of the different segments slots into each other, as well as being free-standing in most cases, meaning that you can make some fascinatingly weird worlds. If you were playing games like Star Wars: Legion then these would be brilliant for the myriad of colourful worlds in that universe. Plus, you could also use them for the Warpath world with Firefight and Deadzone. I could see the sneaky Asterians watching over some alien jungle planet, trying to get rid of pesky Enforcers.

More Sci-Fi battlefields are catered for with the addition of the Battlefield Scatter Crate which seems like it's going to be an automatic buy for a lot of wargamers.

Battlefield Scatter Crate - Mantic Games

Battlefield Scatter Crate // Mantic Games

I could see these being introduced as the new "Gothic Ruins" standard for a lot of Sci-Fi battlefields, be they grimdark or not. It's neat to see a lot of the elements of the Deadzone modular terrain mixed into the designs whilst also offering up something new. These pieces should provide you with plenty of cover and a proper fun battlefield to blast your way through.

As well as the terrain sets, there are also some additional bonus items for you to snap up. You can get some gaming mats that showcase the kind of battlefields you'll be battling on...

Battle Mats - Mantic Games

Battle Mats // Mantic Games

...and nice"templates" that would be great for creating area terrain using the kits they are working on for TerrainCrate3. Additionally, you can look forward to more terrain packs including the rather impressive Xenos World. I think that this manages to cover quite a few different games with its look and feel!

Xenos Worlds & More - Mantic Games

Xenos Worlds & More // Mantic Games

There is plenty more for you to sink your teeth into when it comes to the new TerrainCrate3 Kickstarter. Make sure to keep an eye on the campaign as there are no doubt going to be more bundles and packs for you to choose from. If this all does well then we might end up seeing them do more unique terrain elements for a variety of battlefields!

What do you make of the TerrainCrate3 range so far?

"I could see these being introduced as the new "Gothic Ruins" standard for a lot of Sci-Fi battlefields, be they grimdark or not..."

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