Bundles Of New Stretch Goals Hit For Dungeons & Lasers!

August 20, 2019 by brennon

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As the Dungeons & Lasers Kickstarter from Archon Studio moves towards its final week on the platform they have been unlocking lots of new stretch goals to get you excited about backing. Starting things off they put together this handy graphic which shows everything which has been unlocked...

Stretch Goal Package - Archon Studio

Check Out The Kickstarter Here

So yes, you get all of that with the one main pledge for the game which offers you the chance to pick up either a Fantasy or Sci-Fi dungeon in a box. However, if you're interested in seeing just what all of this actually looks like here's the full rundown of the Stretch Goals from their Kickstarter page.

Stretch Goals - Archon Studio

One of the core elements of these Stretch Goals has been that they are adding in lots of bitz which help to add to your dungeon and make it more personalised. You'll find lots of elements to help make your dungeon feel like a lived-in Sci-Fi facility or a dank dungeon in the depths of some terrifying mountain. As well as the bits you'll also notice that the stretch goals have unlocked lots of wonderful little critters who you can use as alternative Fantasy adventurers on the tabletop too. Everyone likes a pupper...

The Core Of The Kickstarter

So, if you're new to Dungeons & Lasers you might not have heard what it's all about. It offers you a set of plastic bits which can be bolted together in lots of different ways allowing you to build interesting Fantasy and Sci-Fi dungeons.

Dungeons & Lasers Features - Archon Studio

As you can see, there are lots of different ways you can build the dungeons and if you'd like to find out more you can check out our piece HERE where we looked at the different pledges in more detail.

Are you tempted by this with all of the new stretch goals?

"Are you tempted by this with all of the new stretch goals?"

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