Scibor Explore the Templar Ruins

May 3, 2013 by dracs

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Ruins seem to be a particular favourite when it comes to choosing terrain. They are atmospheric and can provide decent partial line of sight blockers. Well Scibor have been showing off some of the terrain they have and one caught my eye, the Templar Ruins.

Templar Ruins

Templar Ruins Scale

These are obviously based upon some of Scibor's sci-fi knights, although they could be good for fantasy as well and sci-fi gaming as, apart from the rusting robot, nothing about these is overtly futuristic. They're even covered in skulls!

The rusting robot is a particularly nice touch as not only does it hint at battles and society which was once here, it can also provide you with an objective. Possibly it holds some lost technology, or is a long forgotten relic which must be reclaimed. Maybe it was rumoured to run on beer and your guys are thirsty, I don't know.

Are Scibor's ruins worth exploring?

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