Climb The Himalayas In New Roll N’ Write From Pandasaurus

July 26, 2021 by fcostin

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Pandasaurus Games have now announced their final release of 2021, and now that we have seen The Loop, Wild Space and Brew hit retail - it is time for a new board game to take the spotlight for a November release - and it is certainly different from their other titles this year.

Trek 12 is the upcoming fast-paced roll-and-write where players aspire to make their way to the very peak of many a mountain in the Himalayas, on an exhibition of creativity and beauty.

Trek 12 // Pandasaurus Games

Players are provided with challenges and difficulties as they progress through the game, as they are required to score points as they make their way through each level. Players will be required to create chains of consecutive numbers in order to score the points and match to the area.

"As you trek across the mountain, you will create "fixed lines" of consecutive numbers and "mapped zones" of matching values. The more numbers you have in these lines and zones, the more bonus points you will earn!"

Trek 12 // Pandasaurus Games

Trek 12 is certainly not a bum-number of a board game. Pitched for ages 8+, the linear mechanics will allow gameplay to take anywhere around 15-30 minutes.

However, if players did want to dip into the game by changing the complexity and ascending up the mountain in more of an advanced manner once they have the mechanics down. The Expedition mode offers campaign-like elements, providing three mountain climbs, one after the other, and recruiting other climbers along the way.

Numbers for me personally can be a little daunting and overwhelming, and I am sure Pandasaurus Games know that for a lot of their players too! If you wanted to get your head around the complexity of the game, Pandasaurus have most recently released a "Learn to Play" in six minutes, to show you how simple it is to climb your way across The Himalayas!

You can now head on over to the Pandasaurus website and your FLGS to get your pre-orders in, but if you were keen on an exclusive expansion - you can grab this solely through Pandasaurus.

What do you think of Trek 12?

" Players will be required to create chains of consecutive numbers in order to score the points and match to the area. "

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