Worship in the Temple of Terragnosis

June 18, 2013 by dracs

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Terragnosis have released a selection of decorative pillars and ruins to help keep up the roof of your temples, while also providing your miniatures with some handy pieces of cover.

Terragnosis Temple Pillars

Terragnosis Temple Pillars 2

These two sets have some well sculpted decorative women sculpted onto them, which makes them look like they belong in some classic Harryhausen film. I almost expect to see Sinbad step out from behind them.

Terragnosis Temple Pillars Ruined

Now these terrain pieces are described as being suitable for 54mm. This could mean that the pillars themselves will be rather ill-proportioned for smaller 28mm scale games, but they would not be beyond the realms of fantasy architecture for such settings.

However, if you fancy some 54mm gaming than be sure to check out these two new models which Terragnosis have up for pre-order.

Terragnosis 54mm Female Adventurer

Terragnosis 54mm Male Adventurer

This is Erica and Vilhem. Vilhem is described as being a "Bowman and all round badass", while Erica is simply described as "Warrior and babe". Fortunately you will not have to suffer the garish paint schemes of these images as the models themselves come unpainted, which is good as the sculpts themselves look promising. I particularly like Erica who, apart from her descriptive tag line, isn't hugely gratuitous in appearance. At least by miniature standards.

Will you renovate your place of worship with Terragnosis pillars?

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