New Nords Heroes & Spires Flyers Coming To Conquest

July 19, 2021 by brennon

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Para Bellum Wargames has added a few new pre-orders into the mix for those wanting to play as the Nords and Spires in their mass battle Fantasy wargame, Conquest. We start with some upcoming releases for the Nords.

Konungyr - Conquest

Konungyr // Conquest

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We lead with a powerful leader for the heart of your army. The Konungyr embody the two things the Nords respect more than anything, power and strength. Holding the title of Konungyr shows that you have battled hard and won your position through strength of arms. Use them to lead the way in battle and you'll no doubt inspire and boost your fellow troops.

Next up, we have the Skald who we saw previewed last week by Para Bellum Wargames.

Skald Alt - Conquest

Skald // Conquest

Skalds will boost your warriors on the field to greater feats. Many of your warriors will fight all the harder when there is the chance to get your name mentioned in one of their songs. Another ace miniature that continues that epic Fantasy Viking aesthetic.

Stryx In The Skies

As well as the new Nords, we also got a look at a new unit of monsters coming to the armies of the Spires. See what you make of the Stryx...

Stryx - Conquest

Stryx // Conquest

These are the first miniatures for Conquest that can fly! This makes them a potent choice on the battlefield, swooping into the backlines of the enemy formation to cut down their weaker units. As masters of bonecraft, the artificers of the Spires have been able to make their armour light enough so that they can take to the air. Now, they fly into position and drop their toxic payload from horrifically bloated sacks.

If these new miniatures have caught your eye then maybe you want to give Conquest a go. You can check out loads of options in our OnTableTop Store! Also, if you're already deep in the marshes of Conquest then you might want to check out the new Softcover Rulebooks for The Last Argument Of Kings and First Blood.

Are you tempted by these new miniatures?

"Another ace miniature that continues that epic Fantasy Viking aesthetic..."

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