Battlefront Introduce More US Troops Into The Flames Of War Mix

July 19, 2019 by brennon

Battlefront Miniatures are introducing some more troops into the mix for use in Flames Of War. This time around loads more infantry gets stirred into the pot for those looking to bring together a big invasion force, ready to battle through Normany and liberate France.

Armoured Rifle Platoon - Flames Of War

The first release offers up a new Armoured Rifle Platoon which offers up a combined foot troop and a mechanised option for you to use in-game. This was a great way for infantry to assault, supported by a modicum of armour. It meant that they could get around very quickly and if needed, could bug out when things got too hot.

This can then be broken down into its different components as well. The first of these is the Rifle Company...

Rifle Company - Flames Of War

...and this can then be built on using the M3 Halftrack Transport Platoon as well. So, if you need to expand things to a degree with either more mechanised or more troop-based support then you have some additional options.

M3 Halftrack Transport Platoon - Flames Of War

Last but not least we have an option for those leading the way on the tabletop too. This is the Armoured Rifle Company HQ.

Armoured Rifle Company HQ - Flames Of war

This gives you a very mobile force which can continue to push forward alongside the rest of the army. You don't want to be sending your troops forward without their HQ option close at hand to give them orders.

Will you be adding more of these boxes to your growing US army for Flames Of War and the Hobby League?

Let us know below!

"Will you be adding more of these boxes to your growing US army for Flames Of War and the Hobby League?"

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