Battlefront Roll Up With Soviet Tanks To Support The Red Banner

December 18, 2018 by brennon

Battlefront is rolling up to the Eastern Front with four new boxed sets of tanks for you to throw into the mix when playing games of Flames Of War. All of these have been released (or indeed re-released) to support the Red Banner sourcebook.

T-34 Tank Company - Flames Of War

The first set out of the factory are some of the most common tanks amongst the Soviet forces. The T-34 Tank Company will act as the backbone of your force on the tabletop. They were easy to fix and forgiving of idiot tank drivers making them a pretty important resource to the Soviets during their push against the Germans.

Next up we're looking at the T-70 Tank Company which again focused in on the idea of cheap and cheerful. Well, I doubt it was cheerful but these tanks were more easy to build reinforcements for the front lines.

T-70 Tank Company - Flames Of War

They had a dinky design which made them quick and agile. They also weren't wanting for armaments either with a 45mm gun mounted on the turret. Lightly armoured targets would have wanted to steer clear of these little terrors.

We're moving up a gear with some of the big guns next as Battlefront introduce the SU-152 Heavy SP Battery into the mix.

SU-152 Heavy SP Battery - Flames Of War

These were, as you might have imagined, wrecking balls against the German armour. That gun on the front was able to shred through pretty much any tanks of the period. Interestingly these tanks actually 'lobbed' their shells towards the enemy. The low-velocity rounds meant that the shot would arch over the front armour if aimed right and hit the weaker panels on the top of the enemy tank...ouch.

Last but not least we have the SU-122 Medium SP Battery which worked in a myriad of different roles during the war.

SU-122 Medium SP Battery - Flames Of War

Armed as it was with that front-facing gun, it was used to clear out enemy gun emplacements and also scare off tanks too. It could also be turned into a piece of mobile artillery too, pointing that gun up into the sky to send shots arching into the rear of an enemy position.

The Germans and Soviets are trading armour it seems right now with release after release but which side are you supporting?

Drop your thoughts below...

"Lightly armoured targets would have wanted to steer clear of these little terrors..."

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