Infinity Wildfire Spreads Through Gen Con In New Two-Player Battle Pack

July 15, 2019 by dracs

Corvus Belli has released a new trailer, revealing more of the two-player battle pack they are bringing with them to Gen Con, including a whole, new faction. It's time for Operation Wildfire.

This battle pack comes with fourteen miniatures, as well as a how to play booklet, and cardboard terrain and markers.

The two factions battling for control of Planet Paradiso are the Shasvastii Expeditionary Force, and a brand new faction known only as O-12.

The Shasvastii, part of the Combined Army, has received a total redesign and the miniatures are looking fantastic.

We don't know much about O-12 yet, other than that they form some kind of international police force. They certainly look well-equipped, with a particularly grand style that will make them very eye-catching on the tabletop.

The set also comes with a cool Hippolyta miniature, diving into the fray as a true Amazonian warrior should.

This is a glorious sculpt, full of cinematic motion and I particularly like just how confident she looks here. Corvus Belli is also providing opportunities for you to back up these new groups with exclusive pre-releases and a pre-order / convention exclusive model.

The Advance Pack brings some new models to expand both of the factions of Operation: Wildfire.

They are backed up by the exclusive Valkyrie Elite Bodyguard.

It's true, the addition of sunglasses makes you one-hundred times more badass, and she looked pretty badass to begin with.

Valkyrie can be used for Infinity, Aristeia!, and also the upcoming Infinity: Defiance game, making her a very versatile miniature to bring into your collection.

This set will be available to pre-order from July 16th until August 5th, as well as appearing at Gen Con this year.

Which side will you take in Operation: Wildfire?Β 

"[O-12] form some kind of international police force."

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