The Forces Of The Abyss Rise Up For Battle In Mantic’s Kings Of War

May 19, 2015 by brennon

Mantic Games have got another huge army coming to Kings of War with the Forces of the Abyss. We've got an awesome look at what's coming out for this army of demons from the deepest, dankest pits...

The Abyss

The Forces Of The Abyss

This dark force is made up of a number of different units including heroes like these below who are going to be commanding these evil legions on the surface world. This is a first EXCLUSIVE look at the Efreets and Abyssal Champions that will be made in metal for Kings of War.

Metal Abyssals

Efreet - Moulded by the furnaces of the infernal pit, Efreets are suffused in flickering, magical flames. They propel themselves forwards on a column of fire, and shoot fireballs from their clawed fists, which burn hot enough to melt armour and turn bones to ash in the blink of an eye.

Abyssal Champion - An Abyssal Champion is a Lower Abyssal that has distinguished itself under the watchful gaze of the Archfiends (or, rarely, of the Lords of the Abyss themselves). Rewarded with powers far superior to his dark kin, the creature has now become a leader amongst them: an example to follow and a cruel master to be obeyed.

Backbone Of A Demonic Empire

As well as these champions they're going to need something to lead and that's where the various units themselves come in like Lower Abyssals and Abyssal Flamebearers...

Forces of the Abyss Lower Abyssals

Forces of the Abyss Abyssal Flamebearers

Lower Abyssals - Given life by the energies of the most dark and powerful magic, these semi-corporeal creatures take on the shape of the worst nightmares of mortal races. Red skinned and vicious, they are capable fighters who slay their foes with wicked blades and flaming attacks.

Flamebearers - These lesser Abyssals are pressed into service of the Efreet. Imbued with fire magic, they cast bolts of flaming energy at their foes, searing the battlefield with sorcerous fire.

I'm really liking the direction that Mantic have gone in with these Abyssals and the basic rank and file units for this army are looking great. The Lower Abyssal unit in particular looks like it's taken an interesting traditional direction when it comes to their 'demonic' look and with plenty of different options too.

Grace & Guts

On the other end of the scale with an Abyssal army we have the more specialised units like the Succubi and the Molochs which act as the shock troops of the faction when they're on the battlefield.

Forces of the Abyss Succubi

Forces of the Abyss Molochs

Succubi - The embodiment of a mortal’s basest desires, Succubi are torturers and tormentors, who use their seductive appearance to lull their enemies into submission, drawing them close before tearing them limb from limb with their razor-sharp blades.

Molochs - Huge, lumbering beasts, and more powerful cousins to the Lower Abyssals, Molochs tend to be solitary creatures, for their rage can barely be contained. Occasionally they band together into small groups when war calls, but these pacts never last for long before another bout of infighting breaks out.

The Molochs are my favourites from this pairing. While I like the lithe grace and fine weaponry of the Succubi I think the models for the Molochs have been done very nicely indeed. I love their various head and weapon options each of which reminds me of PC games like Diablo and Dungeon Keeper (the second of these especially).

Gather Them All!

All of this comes together to make a Forces of the Abyss Army which you can see below. While other games try to justify or even humanise their 'evil' armies this army is one composed of pure evil. If you want to play the bad guys then this is clearly the force for you.

Forces of the Abyss Army

If you're looking to get started in Kings of War then you can check out the Download Section over on the Mantic Games website where they have a whole bunch of different resources that would be useful to you.

Of course don't forget to keep an eye on Beasts of War as we have a whole new series coming soon which takes you through some of the nuances of Kings of War and we'll also have a battle report/demo game for you too!

Have the Forces of the Abyss spoken to you?

"Moulded by the furnaces of the infernal pit, Efreets are suffused in flickering, magical flames..."

"Succubi are torturers and tormentors, who use their seductive appearance to lull their enemies into submission..."

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