Dive Into 02 Hundred Hours With New Solo Play Supplement

May 3, 2023 by brennon

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Grey For Now Games has recently released a new solo play supplement for those wanting to take on the challenge of 02 Hundred Hours themselves. This awesome World War II skirmish game can now come down to you versus an inbuilt AI!

Solo Rules - 02 Hundred Hours

Solo Rules// 02 Hundred Hours

Available for FREE (yes, free), this digital expansion for 02 Hundred Hours can be snapped up right now from the Grey For Now Games webstore. Inside, you'll find rules for solo play and an innovative AI system which controls the defenders that you're going to be coming up against when you run one of your daring missions.

Unboxing: 02 Hundred Hours Starter Set | Grey For Now Games

As well as getting your hands on the Solo Rules, you can also pick up the Solo Event Cards which are going to be needed in order to play.

Solo Rules Preview - 02 Hundred Hours

Solo Event Cards // 02 Hundred Hours

These cards come with front and backs meaning that you can make them look very plush if you would like to do so. Spread out over five pages, the solo rules aren't massively complicated and should be easy to slot into your games. As well as being handy for those looking to just play more games, especially if they don't see hobby friends very often, this might be good for those wanting to test out new teams and ideas.

Are you going to be giving this a go?

"...this might be good for those wanting to test out new teams and ideas"

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