Crooked Dice Release Sneaky Gribblies & Secret Base Terrain

December 2, 2022 by brennon

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A new suite of releases have been added to Crooked Dice's collection for use in 7TV. Leading the way are a pair of packs featuring the dastardly and sneaky Gribblies!

Gribblies #1 - Crooked Dice

Gribblies #1 // Crooked Dice

Don't feed them after midnight and introduce them into all sorts of quirky situations on the tabletop. There are two different packs available with Pack 1 and Pack 2 offering up a variety of Gribblies that you can use in your movie-inspired games.

Gribblies #2 - Crooked Dice

Gribblies #2 // Crooked Dice

I love that the second pack comes with a bunch of quirky Gribblies singing carols, flashing (oooh err), mixing up strange concoctions and chowing on popcorn. I bet folks are going to be having a lot of fun with these and find a way to work them into a bunch of different games.

If you wanted to go down the Fantasy route, you could also pick up the Big Cat. Send this fellow into the fighting alongside one of the Masters Of The Universe perhaps or just as a deadly Wilderness encounter.

Big Cat - Crooked Dice

Big Cat // Crooked Dice

Finishing things off, there are also a bunch of terrain releases for those assembling Secret Bases in their Pulp games. There are basic, double and heavy doors in the collection and some of those have been shown off here!

Doors - Crooked Dice

Doors // Crooked Dice

You can find all of them in the Secret Base section of the Crooked Dice webstore and make some decisions as to how you're going to use them in your games. I like the idea of using these alongside some game tiles of a battle mat and making a fun escape-style affair for your heroes in 7TV.

All of these miniatures are available now so head on over to Crooked Dice!

"Leading the way are a pair of packs featuring the dastardly and sneaky Gribblies! "

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