The Mighty Gulial Stands Guard For Lucid Eye’s Ziggurat

June 24, 2019 by brennon

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Lucid Eye is on a roll with their releases right now as they look towards another addition to their Ziggurat range. Here we have Gulial The Nephilim, a towering individual who is going to be quite the foe for you to face down.

Gulial The Nephilim - Lucid Eye

This miniature is pretty huge. I could imagine him being a fantastic guardian to have watching over a temple or shattered city in your fantasy games. Here's some of his background...

"Thus, emerging from the host set upon the Plains Of Headt, before the Walls of Arhman, did I see him: Gulial, Lord of the Peoples of the Sea. Clad all in bronze, gold and silver, the glint of stars within his gaze. He held an immense wicked and barbed spear, and lo, many cubits high was he. The sound as he strode upon the grass was as whispers of dread and when he called my name, it was as thunder rolling through the Vale of Darkness.

He spoke long to me, but of only one thing: Death, for that, is all he knew. He saw and stilled the fear within me and comforted me saying, 'Fear not, there is no pain'.

With that, he smote me down."

I think this dude is epic. I would love to have him introduced as part of a roleplaying or skirmish game, a fearsome yet solemn foe that you'd be attempting to talk to rather than just kill. Maybe he'd even become your ally for a time?

I mean, check out the size of him compared to a normal 28mm miniature...

Gulial The Nephilim (Scale) - Lucid Eye

You'll also notice that that is a new miniature as well! I am very excited to see what's coming up for the Ziggurat world as it is filled with fascinating and interesting characters already. Make sure that you go and check out what else is part of their collection on the links above.

What do you make of Gulial?

"Maybe he'd even become your ally for a time?"

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