New Heroes Coming For MiniCrate’s Legend Of The Five Rings

May 7, 2019 by brennon

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MiniCrate is offering two new miniatures over the coming months for their Legend Of The Five Rings range. The new miniature for July is Moto Chagatai.

Moto Chagatai - MiniCrate

This warrior fights for The Unicorn Clan so if you're delving into some role-playing within this world (or just want something to paint) this fellow might be a good shout. As with all of the MiniCrate releases once the month has passed all of these models will never be seen again.

VIP Scorpion!

As well as Moto Chagatai we also have Shosuro Sadako, the special miniature from the Scorpion Clan who is available if you subscribe for VIP status.

Shosuro Sadako - MiniCrate

As I said, I think these will appeal to those who play the card game but also those that want characters to include in their collection for the role-playing game too.

It will be interesting to see if Privateer Press start to bring in other ranges to get the MiniCrate treatment too. If they were looking to other game worlds, what would you like to see them cover?

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