Meet Raging Heroes Servants Of The Spider Goddess

July 10, 2020 by brennon

Building on their Patreon project and now offering up the miniatures in their traditional resin form, Raging Heroes has now released a selection of awesome looking Driders, the Servants Of The Spider Goddess.

Yelzikith The Champion - Raging Heroes.jpg

Yelzikith The Champion // Raging Heroes

There are some fantastic looking big beasts within this collection which could be used at the head of dark armies or perhaps as monsters that you clash with down beneath the surface of the world. You just know that these need a good coat of purple and blue with flashes of white and silver throughout as additional highlights.

As well as the mighty Yelzikith The Champion which you've caught a look at above you also have the Arachnites Chosen Warriors who come armed, ready to defend their queen against the threat of interlopers into their realm.

Arachnites Chosen Warriors - Raging Heroes.jpg

Arachnites Chosen Warriors // Raging Heroes

Talking of big and ace looking monsters, you've also got the powerful and boss-worthy Spider Mother Syl-Yarath, shown here in her miniature form as if she'd appear on the tabletop.

Spider Mother Syl-Yarath - Raging Heroes.jpg

Spider Mother Syl-Yarath // Raging Heroes

You can buy all of the miniatures individually or as groups if you want to dive in and pick them all up. I don't think it has ever really been done before to my knowledge but perhaps you could even actually play as a Drider during your games as a bit of an anti-hero?!

Are you tempted to pick up these new Servants Of The Spider Goddess?

"Are you tempted to pick up these new Servants Of The Spider Goddess?"

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