Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika Collision Course Kickstarter Now Live

October 20, 2020 by brennon

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Privateer Press has now launched their Kickstarter for Collision Course, a new expansion for 35mm scale wargame Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika. With this campaign, you'll find the new Empyrean Faction and its core set plus a bunch of vehicles for the various factions.

Empyreans Set - Warcaster

Empyreans Core Set // Warcaster: Neo-Mechnika

This is a new faction for the world of Warcaster which bring the alien awesomeness to the tabletop alongside Privateer Press. If you're interested in them as a faction, here is a snippet of their lore...

"The Empyreans are the ancient Architects that connected the Thousand Worlds of Cyriss. Over countless millennia, they designed and crafted the Hyperuranion— a galaxy-spanning network of interdimensional conduits that allowed the faithful to unify the known universe, rendering all in their path pure and immortal. Those who saw the truth abandoned their mortal existence and joined in the Great Work, a constellation of souls at the centre of the galaxy. But the unenlightened were shown the folly of their flesh, and the Thousand Worlds were emptied of any who might disrupt the eternal rapture of the Empyreans."

The miniatures for the Empyreans are looking super cool and I like the fact that they've brought together a blend of organic and synthetic in their design. They seem exceptionally creepy and you could imagine them being a daunting force to face on the tabletop.

Empyreans Quick Look // Warcaster: Neo-Mechnika

If you like the look of the miniatures here in this quick peek then you can get a lot more details on the faction as a whole over on their Kickstarter Page. It's worth delving in as they have all manner of funky gifs to watch.

Empyreans Miniatures - Warcaster

Empyreans Miniatures // Warcaster: Neo-Mechnika

As well as the Empyreans who are the main focus of this Kickstarter you're going to get all manner of additional options for the existing factions too. So, if you joined in during the first campaign and wanted to bolster your skirmishing army with vehicles then you're going to get that chance.

Warcaster: Collision Course Vehicles

Here are some of the vehicles available to you as part of the campaign...

Interceptor - Warcaster

Interceptor // Warcaster: Neo-Mechnika

Razorbat - Warcaster

Razorbat // Warcaster: Neo-Mechnika

Scythe - Warcaster

Scythe // Warcaster: Neo-Mechnika

Zenith - Warcaster

Zenith // Warcaster: Neo-Mechnika

You'll find a bunch of new rules in the mix for using these during your games as part of the Collision Course expansion. This also comes together into a new Race Mode for the game where you'll be able to outfit each of the vehicles with pilots and weapons before sending them out to duke it out on the track.

Finally, you'll also get what are called Faction Cyphers which open up more customisation options for your factions on the tabletop. If you want a deep dive on everything from this campaign then make sure to check out the videos above and read through the campaign page.

Are you tempted by the Empyreans or these new vehicles?

"As well as the Empyreans who are the main focus of this Kickstarter you're going to get all manner of additional options for the existing factions too..."

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