Archon’s Rampart Magnetised Modular Terrain Now Live On Kickstarter

November 13, 2018 by brennon

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Archon are now live on Kickstarter with their new series of plastic terrain, Rampart, which can be assembled quickly and is magnetising friendly, making it a fantastic set for someone looking to get their hands on something modular for their gaming space.

Rampart Banner - Archon

Check Out The Kickstarter Here

Come and take a peek at how the terrain fits together. It's nice, simple and quick!

As you can see it is pretty simple and easy to get the terrain together when you need to play. With space being such a premium for a lot of people nowadays it's good to have terrain which can be packed away and then assembled in alternative styles, allowing those who like their skirmish games to have distinctly different landscapes with a single box of terrain.

What Is Rampart - Archon

There are two different Core Sets for you to check out at the moment. The two designs have been put together for those looking to create fantastic Sci-Fi cityscapes and also ruined landmarks from ancient eras in your Fantasy games too.

Sci-Fi Or Fantasy?

The Sci-Fi Core Set is the Eternal Cathedral...

Rampart Eternal Cathedral Terrain - Archon

One of the things I didn't notice until I looked a little closer was the neat extras which get included with the different sets. The big wall sections and such are commonplace but it's nice to see some cool bits like torches, gargoyles and other wall decorations which start to help add character to these pieces.

This is continued with the Fantasy set known as the Kazumi Temple Core Set.

Rampart Kazumi Temple Terrain - Archon

I can see why they have included the same set of extras within this Core Set but it would have been nice for there to be some alternative pieces which could be used to top the terrain. A few more of these are added into the mix as part of the Add-Ons portion of their website but they do have a focus towards Sci-Fi rather than Fantasy.

Pledges & Stretch Goals

You can check out the Pledges that have been broken down here...

Rampart Pledges List - Archon

I can see both the pledge for Starters and the pledge for Wargame Club/Retail being snapped up by people as they could be great for both a small tabletop at home and also someone looking to build up a good terrain collection for their group at a store.

As with all Kickstarter campaigns, there are also some Stretch Goals online from the launch of the project.

Rampart Stretch Goals - Archon

As you can see some more of these little extra parts including statues and the like are going to be popping up which is great for creating objectives as well as adding to the terrain itself.

Make sure to check out the campaign and let us know which terrain set you go for!

Drop your thoughts below...

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