Dusk House Kallyss Previewed For Warmachine MKIV

November 3, 2022 by brennon

Privateer Press has been previewing new miniatures coming to the new edition of Warmachine. Dusk House Kallyss is looking dangerous and deadly and it seems like the miniatures could be super fun to paint!

Dusk House Kallyss - Warmachine

Dusk House Kallyss // Warmachine

The first big bit of news surrounds the Dusk House Kallyss Preview Battlegroup. Coming in at $75, this is going to be your first chance to pick up these new miniatures. They will be available to pre-order from the Privateer Press online store on 3rd November and give you a taster of what's coming for this fiendishly moody "edge lord" faction.


Hazaroth, Narcissar Of Ruin // Warmachine


Eidolon Heavy Warjack // Warmachine


Ghast Light Warjack // Warmachine

Miniatures-wise, the set will come with Hazaroth, Narcissar Of Ruin, an Eidolon Heavy Warjack (with a bunch of options) and the Ghast Light Warjack which comes with an equally good set of options. You'll also get a pack of magnets so you can tinker with the options.

We also got to get a look at some of the additional miniatures coming to support Dusk House Kallyss on the tabletop when the range releases in full.


Tyrus // Warmachine

Tyrus is a masterful spellcaster and uses the death of warrior models nearby to access his magic. He can also use his Invocation Of Shadows feat to teleport himself and his companions into or out of danger whilst also making them ghostly!

You might also find some use for the deadly Seeker Wardens.


Seeker Warden // Warmachine

This attachment to units allows you to bring even more deadly spells to the tabletop. They can also offer up boosts and boons for the unit they are attached to with a healthy +1 to their attacks. It might seem small but it could make all the difference.

Taking of units, there are some rather awesome-looking moody "Elves" for you to add to your armies. With all of that flowing hair, you know they're heroic and awesome in a pinch.


Dreadguard Slayers // Warmachine

Being Undead and Tough, they are able to draw on the life force of those that they slay. When they destroy living or undead models they remove damage points from their tally meaning you need to destroy them quickly before they get too much of an advantage. Their axes also have the Critical Decapitation rule which just sounds gorgeously brutal.

The warriors of Dusk House Kallyss might be good in combat but they also possess deadly skills at range too.


Dreadguard Archers // Warmachine

They too come with the ability to remove damage by slaying opposing miniatures. Their magical bows also give them a suite of attack options so they aren't just resorting to plinking standard shots into their foes. They can properly Hawkeye it up!

The forces of the Retribution Of Scyrah and the Iosan people have been through quite a change and the Empire Of Eternal Dusk or just "Dusk" portion of this faction have joined forces with the other Iron Kingdoms nations in order to take on Orgoth. So, whilst they might look evil, they are working against a greater evil. They might just take a few souls along with them to sustain themselves.

Could you be tempted by Dusk House Kallyss for Warmachine MKIV?

"...there are some rather awesome-looking moody "Elves" for you to add to your armies"

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