Games Workshop & USAopoly To Create Licensed Editions Of Talisman

February 7, 2019 by brennon

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Talisman is heading into new territory. Games Workshop and USAopoly have reached an agreement to work on Licensed Editions of the game with two announced for later this year.


This new agreement will allow USAopoly to take existing licenses and give them as, they call it, a 'heroic twist' as they expand upon The Magical Quest Game. Much like with Monopoly it's easy to see how Talisman could be reimplemented to fit a number of different intellectual properties out there, and it will be interesting to see just what they choose for their first two endeavours.

The real question now is, which properties out there would you like to see given the 'Magical Quest' treatment? Personally I think The Legend Of Zelda would be a rather awesome addition to the mix, as would something like The Elder Scrolls, however, both are Fantasy properties and might be too similar to the original format.

The one thing I hope happens, however, is that whatever they choose, the team use original artwork rather than simply taking photography from the films and such that already exist. I know it's an extra expense they probably won't go to, but it does make a big difference.

Oooh...Harry Potter!

What do you think?

"...which properties out there would you like to see given the 'Magical Quest' treatment?"

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