Lock & Load With New Upgraded Units For Star Wars: Legion

August 7, 2019 by brennon

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There is even more coming to Star Wars: Legion in the near future beyond the Clone Wars previews we saw at Gen Con 2019. Four Upgrade Expansions are dropping from Fantasy Flight Games for those playing Rebels, Imperials, the Republic and Separatists. We'll start with the original trilogy...

Rebel Troopers - FFG

The first cool set is this selection of alien Rebel Troopers which will help you mix and match your squads to look as diverse as the Star Wars universe is. Here is what Fantasy Flight listed as being in the set; Ishi Tib Rebel Trooper Captain, a Gran Rebel Trooper Specialist, an Ithorian SX-21 Trooper, and a Theelin DLT-20A Trooper. So...yeah, once you've wrapped your mind around all of those weapon designations let us know which of these aliens you're most happy to see added into the mix.

Squash The Rebels!

The Empire isn't far behind either as their Stormtroopers are not taking this Rebel insurrection lightly!

Imperial Stormtroopers - FFG

While not as diverse a set as the Rebel one above this kit contains a Stormtrooper Captain, Stormtrooper Specialist as well as a T-21 Stormtrooper and an RT-97C Stormtrooper. Again, the main thing here is that each of these new troopers come with either new rules linked to them or special weapons which might turn the tide of battle.

Uh Oh, Roger Roger!

The Battle Droids of the Separatists also need an upgrade now and again. Whilst they might be fairly expendable, give these droids some special weapons and they suddenly become a dangerous threat to your approaching Clone Troopers.

B1 Battle Droids - FFG

This set offers up an OOM-Series Battle Droid, a B1 Security Droid, a Radiation Cannon B1 Trooper, and an E-5s B1 Trooper. Again, they might seem flimsy in comparison to other troops out there but once you've got enough of them set up they will be able to lay down a withering hail of fire onto their enemies.

Regardless of how dumb they might have been in the movies, basically an excuse for Jedi to cut things apart, I think they are very cool looking and I could very well be tempted by a proper Droid army under General Grievous.

Created For Battle

The Clone Troopers aren't taking this Droid attack lying down however as they also get a Phase 1 Clone Troopers upgrade.

Phase 1 Clone Troopers - FFG

Clone Troopers for the Republic were outfitted with the best weapons, the most state-of-the-art kit and of course they were bred for battle. This makes them seriously dangerous opponents to go up against on the tabletop and this set customises your force with a Phase I Clone Captain, a Phase I Clone Specialist, a DP-23 Phase I Trooper, and an RPS-6 Phase I Trooper.

I'm sure that Fantasy Flight Games are going to be diving deeper into these units in good time, dedicating previews to each of them in turn, but as it stands these offer up a great look at the wealth of options available to those building original trilogy armies and those from the Clone Wars.

Man, the Clone Wars is going to feature some seriously awesome looking vehicles and battle-ready Jedi I hope. Plus...Darth Maul!

Will you be starting up a new army with the Clone Wars release?

"Man, the Clone Wars is going to feature some seriously awesome looking vehicles and battle-ready Jedi I hope..."

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