Community Spotlight: Mutants, Decayed Daemons & Primaris Minotaurs

July 14, 2021 by brennon

Come and join us for another delve into the Projects to find the best of the best from the last week or so. We're going to be getting stuck into lots of great looking miniature wargaming painting and hobbying this week...


...make sure to always let us know what YOU have been working on and share it across the site.


Mutant Rabble by capta1n5kyhawk

We start with some excellent painted up miniatures from capta1n5kyhawk. There is a cool look to these which marks them out almost as criminal scum from the hive cities of the galaxy who have been warped and changed by Chaos.

Mutant Rabble #1 by capta1n5kyhawk

The miniatures were tweaked and converted to match the Mutants that popped up as part of The Siege Of Vraks. I like the mix of cruel and twisted implements as well as some big heavy guns.

Mutant Rabble #2 by capta1n5kyhawk

I think the neat thing about these miniatures it the contrast between the pale skin and the orange jumpsuits. It really builds on the eerie nature of these miniatures, especially when you get into all of the gribbly bits. I also like the weathering that you see around their feet which really grounds the miniatures. Plenty of rust also helps!


Lord Of Decay by lawnor

The next miniature is a pretty massive one that actually works well with the mutant rabble. Here we have a Lord Of Decay from lawnor which has been designed to work as a stand-in for a Great Unclean One in Warhammer 40,000.

Lord Of Decay by lawnor

This was upscaled by 10-20% on a 3D Printer to make it fit better onto the base. I think it works and it looks like it is about to descend on some poor unfortunate soul who decided to stand in its way. I really like the painting of that foetid flesh and it contrasts nicely with the rusty legs and weapon. The little splashes of bright colour here and there help to make the miniature more punchy and draw the eye.


Primaris Minotaurs Captain by brushstroke

Last but not least we're looking at brushstroke who has returned to paint another masterpiece. Here we have another Primaris Space Marine, specifically a Captain of the Minotaurs Chapter.

Minotaurs Captain #1 - brushstroke

This particular miniature was a kitbash of a variety of different kits. You've got some of the heavily armoured Primaris bitz in there alongside what appears to be a bit of Adeptus Mechanicus too. It has all come together to make a Space Marine that looks utterly badass.

Minotaurs Captain #2 - brushstroke

The gold/bronze of the armour can see a little overwhelming but I think the splashes of colour here and there really make the miniature pop. The deep red cloak twined with the blue power supply cable help to break up all of the more earthy tones. I also love the base and that extra bit of weathering here and there. This chap looks like an absolute badass!

What Are You Painting Right Now?

Every week we’re absolutely blown away by the incredible topics that are put into the Projects, it’s getting more difficult to choose Community Spotlights! We love your work and we hope to see a lot more of it in the future!

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What do you think of the entries this week?

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