Raging Heroes Unleash Xeryell, Avatar Of Hatred Into Battle

February 21, 2020 by brennon

Raging Heroes has been showing off a massive new model which has been added into the mix for the Corrupted Sisters. Here we have the mighty Xeryell, Avatar Of The Dominion Of Hatred. See what you think of her...

Xeryell #1 - Raging Heroes

This particular lady stands at an epic 210mm high and you can see how she measures up alongside a normal character from the range. If you're looking to come up with an alternative demon to lead your chaos hordes on the tabletop then she would be a good shout.

I really like that the miniature has some nicely detailed armour and even scars and cuts across her body where the flesh is exposed. I imagine being an Avatar Of Hatred she probably uses this to empower herself and do even more killing.

You can get a better look at some of the details, especially on the face, here and whilst also being chaotic she might also be a good shout for someone looking to take their Elves in a different aesthetic direction.

Xeryell #2 - Raging Heroes

I was looking over the model and remembered a miniature from the Age Of Sigmar range which would be good to twin with Xeryell. The Darkoath Warqueen could well be the unascended version of her before she was blessed by the gods. Maybe you could even do something crazy with her in battle and have her start as a normal model before turning into this beacon of dread!

Another massive model from Raging Heroes which will no doubt turn into a great project for someone who likes massive models.

Dark Elves Flash Sale

As well as the release of a new character miniature you've also got a few hours left to get involved and pick up a number of Dark Elf releases at a lower cost.

Dark Elves Sale #1 - Raging Heroes

The following entries on the webstore are available at a lower cost...

So, if you're looking to get your hands on some more miniatures from Raging Heroes at 35% off then this would be a great chance to snag some goodies.

Dark Elves Sale #2 - Raging Heroes

The sale ends Friday, February 21st at Midnight (Paris time GMT+1) so you've still got plenty of time to dive in and snag yourself something nice.

Are you tempted to explore the Raging Heroes range in more detail? Make sure to let us know some of your favourite models from the collection!

Drop your thoughts below...

"Make sure to let us know some of your favourite models from the collection!"

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