Full 3D Printable Wargame, Dragonbond: Battles Of Valerna!

May 18, 2023 by brennon

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Draco Studios are talking about a return to Kickstarter soon with their entirely 3D Printable wargame, Dragonbond: Battles Of Valerna. The world of Dragonbond has been expanding and developing over the years with roleplaying games, board games, comics and more. Now, Alessio Cavatore's Battles Of Valerna is getting set to hit tabletops for mass battle goodness.

Dragonbond Battles of Valerna - Draco Studios

Dragonbond: Battles Of Valerna // Draco Studios

The rules for Dragonbond: Battles Of Valerna have been penned by Alessio Cavatore and focus on quick, fast-paced battles with a focus on epic clashes between mighty Fantasy armies. One of the key elements of Battles Of Valerna is the fatigue system which has players deciding on whether or not they want to push their units to the brink during heroic moments or keep them back to fight another day.

Aelen Of The Standard - Dragonbond Battles Of Valerna

Aelen Of The Standard // Dragonbond: Battles Of Valerna

The game also features Vaala Cards and Artefact Cards which throw mighty spells and powerful magical items into the mix, offering up a new layer of strategy and allowing armies to be further customised beyond the units that you might. As the name of the game is Dragonbond, you can be assured that you'll get to call on powerful generals to lead your armies and of course, dragons.

Vespida Impaler Captain Erianna - Dragonbond Battles Of Valerna

Vespida Impaler, Captain Erianna // Dragonbond: Battles Of Valerna

The game also features artwork and miniature design overseen by Tom Babbey with work by Steve Prescott, Daarken, Tyler Walpole, Jason Engle and more. There is a hefty pedigree behind the team for this game and it seems like it could be on track to look gorgeous on the tabletop.

A Fully 3D Printable Wargame

As mentioned above, Battles Of Valerna is going to be an entirely 3D Printable wargame so you'll be able to download the STL Files and get printing your army in the comfort of your own home. Previously released miniatures have been updated with new sculpts that look more dynamic and miniatures will also come with full sculpted bases.

War-Mother On Maw Tyrant - Dragonbond Battles Of Valerna

War-Mother On Maw Tyrant // Dragonbond: Battles Of Valerna

The world of Dragonbond has been 3D Printable for a while now so if you've been interested in what they have been producing and taken the time to print some of their miniatures in the past, this might be a good chance to take what you've already got and get it formed up into mighty armies ahead of time!

Bendavee Protector - Dragonbond Battles Of Valerna

Bendavee Protector // Dragonbond: Battles Of Valerna

Boar-Clan Hmyr - Dragonbond Battles Of Valerna

Boar-Clan Hmyr // Dragonbond: Battles Of Valerna

According to the Kickstarter preview, there are going to be around 250 different miniatures for you to 3D Print and use in games like Battle Of Valerna and beyond. If you've been enamoured by the miniatures you've seen here, I would heartily recommend going to have a look at both their Roleplaying Game Supplements for 5th Edition and also their miniatures over on MyMiniFactory.

Aureus Fulgen His Radiant Majesty - Dragonbond Battles Of Valerna

Aureus Fulgen, His Radiant Majesty // Dragonbond: Battles Of Valerna

It's almost a shame (for me at least) that the game is 3D Printable as I don't have ready access to a 3D Printer to bring some of these gorgeous miniatures to life. I did spot that they are releasing some of their miniatures over on Only-Games so that you can get them printed for you to get as physical miniatures. Maybe that will extend to some more of the range that we're seeing here.

Could you be tempted to dive into a new Alessio Cavatore wargame and explore Dragonbond: Battles Of Valerna?

"Could you be tempted to dive into a new Alessio Cavatore wargame?"

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