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The Mortarchs Join Nagash For Warhammer Fantasy!

See what you think of the new Mortarchs coming to the aid of Nagash as he brings in The End Times!

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August 30 2014 Fantasy Games Workshop News Warhammer Fantasy

Gotrek & Felix Join The End Times Story Of Warhammer

Dive into The End Times and the final journey for Gotrek Gurnisson and Felix Jaeger as they head North to help hold back the hordes of Chaos and an army of trolls.

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August 29 2014 Black Library Books Fantasy News Warhammer Fantasy

A Rumoured Map Of The Warhammer Fantasy End Times!

So how is The End Times going to pan out? See what the internet has said is coming in the next couple of months for Warhammer Fantasy.

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August 26 2014 Fantasy Games Workshop News Warhammer Fantasy

Black Library Help Tell Of The Return Of Nagash

See what you think of this hardback book coming soon from Black Library to cover The Return of the Nagash.

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August 25 2014 Black Library Fantasy Games Workshop News Warhammer Fantasy

Nagash Heralds In The End Times For Warhammer Fantasy

What do you make of the coming of Nagash to the world of Warhammer Fantasy? His miniature is awesome and the rules sound quite good too! Where is this story going to go?

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August 23 2014 Fantasy Games Workshop News Warhammer Fantasy

The Full Majesty Of Warhammer's Nagash Leaks!

The Full Majesty Of Warhammer’s Nagash Leaks!

The world of Warhammer Fantasy looks like it’s
going to be biting the proverbial bullet when
Nagash returns soon. A few more leaks have
arrived and this will certainly be the first
White Dwarf I pick up since the Dwarf
release earlier in the year.

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August 19 2014 Fantasy Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy

Nagash Returns To The Old World Of Warhammer Fantasy

The mighty Nagash is making himself known in the world of Warhammer Fantasy for Games Workshop. Check out the first leaked image of the miniature within!

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August 15 2014 Fantasy Games Workshop News Warhammer Fantasy


Weekender XLBS: New Direction Needed for Games Workshop?

This Weekender XLBS is not about DZC :) But plenty of other stuff!

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August 10 2014 Backstage Dropzone Commander Featured Games Workshop Pulp Punk Horror & Weird SciFi The Weekender The Weekender XLBS Warhammer 40K Warhammer Fantasy Wolsung SSG

Discover Games Workshop’s Video Game History on YouTube!

Eagle eyed Lloyd has spotted a very interesting video on YouTube today as the channel CVG bring us a look at the complete video game history of Games Workshop.

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July 31 2014 SciFi Video Games Warhammer 40K Warhammer Fantasy

Warhammer Fest Tickets Up Now From Games Workshop!

See what you think of the news on the coming of Warhammer Fest to replace Games Day this year in October being held over the weekend of the 11th and 12th at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry UK.

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July 23 2014 Fantasy Games Workshop News SciFi Warhammer 40K Warhammer Fantasy

Gotrek & Felix To Face Their Biggest Challenge Next Year

See who the next target is for Gotrek & Felix as they head off into the Chaos Wastes to face the Master himself. Do you think the legendary slayer will be able to stand up to this foe?

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July 18 2014 Black Library Books Fantasy Games Workshop News Warhammer Fantasy

The Most Simple But Effective Paint Scheme Ever?

See what you think of this quick and easy way of painting ghostly undead miniatures for use in a Vampire Counts army in Warhammer Fantasy or indeed anywhere else where spirits dwell! All of this thanks to Games Workshop Belfast!

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July 8 2014 3 Colours Up 3 Colours Up: Tips Fantasy Featured Games Workshop Painting Tutorial Painting & Hobby Warhammer Fantasy

Warhammer Diskwars New Expansions Now Available!

The two massive expansions for Warhammer Diskwars are now out and you can pick them up to add a whole mass of factions to the forces of Order and Destruction!

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June 27 2014 Board Games Fantasy Fantasy Flight Games News Warhammer Fantasy Warhammer: Diskwars

Warhammer Week At Black Library Adds Short Stories Every Day

There have been a selection of short stories heading out from Black Library this week for the awesome Warhammer Fantasy Week! Head on over and read stories of Skaven, Chaos and Empire forces with two more to come!

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June 27 2014 Black Library Books Fantasy Games Workshop News Warhammer Fantasy

How Did You Get Started In Tabletop Gaming?

This conversation comes up all the time and now I’d love to hear how you got started in tabletop gaming? Whether it’s a recent hobby or something you’ve done since you were a kid I want to know what and indeed who got you geeking out over plastic miniatures and cardboard tokens!

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May 23 2014 Board Games Fantasy SciFi Warhammer 40K Warhammer Fantasy