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Find Out How Lords & Heroes Work In Total War: Warhammer

7 days ago 7

The Total War: Warhammer team have gone into more detail about how the Lords and Heroes of the Old World work in their upcoming strategy game.

Skarbrand To Slaughter His Way Into Age Of Sigmar Soon

17 days ago 31

A mighty Khorne Daemon is coming to strike down the Stormcast Eternal forces in Games Workshop’s Age of Sigmar. Skarbrand is coming back and there has been a sneaky look at the front cover of the new White Dwarf showing him off…

New Worshippers Of Slaughter Do Battle For Age Of Sigmar’s Khorne

20 days ago 26

Games Workshop haven’t forgotten the forces of Khorne when it comes to additional characters in Age of Sigmar. The latest warriors to be bathed in blood are the Slaughterpriest and the Skullgrinder who each are named quite fittingly…

Total War: Warhammer Gameplay – Dwarfs Vs Greenskins!

22 days ago 4

The Total War team at Creative Assembly have put together another big gameplay reveal for us today where they showed off the Dwarfs against the Greenskins in an early Quest Battle beneath the mountains. Thorgrim Grudgbearer is ambushed and will have to hold out against waves of greenskins…

New Tau On The Horizon & Khorne Gets Reinforced In Age Of Sigmar

23 days ago 39

There are two big updates coming out of Games Workshop this week for both Warhammer 40,000 down the line and Age Of Sigmar this week. The Tau Destroyers are striding into battle alongside some tweaked infantry if the leaked images are to be believed…

Join The Age Of Sigmar Stormcast Heraldor & Vexillor In Battle

27 days ago 34

There are only two big releases for Age of Sigmar this week by Games Workshop. The first of these is the Knight-Heraldor and the second the Knight-Vexillor each of whom bring a new set of abilities to the battlefield for the Stormcast Eternals.

Weekender: Big Kickstarters & Battlefleet Gothic Returns

Weekender: Big Kickstarters & Battlefleet Gothic Returns

27 days ago 84

Another great week in the
tabletop gaming world and
we’re here to chat about
some interesting Games
Workshop digital games
and new Kickstarters too…

Weekender XLBS: The Backstage Bazaar & Here Be Dragons!

Weekender XLBS: The Backstage Bazaar & Here Be Dragons!

33 days ago 121

Happy Sunday! We’re really
getting into this whole
dungeon delving monster
thing and with that in mind
Warren has bee
chatting Dragons.

The Prosecutors & New Stormcast Battletome Arrive For Age Of Sigmar

34 days ago 37

Games Workshop have a whole host of new Age of Sigmar releases descending from the heavens this week. Not only are there some new Prosecutors with their Heroes but also Upgrade Kits for specific Stormcast Eternal armies and a Battletome too…

Total War Warhammer Goes Underground With The Dwarfs

35 days ago 8

Another cinematic trailer has dropped for Total War: Warhammer showing off the grim and stoic Dwarfen race within the Warhammer Fantasy world doing their thing and battling against the Orcs and Goblin hordes.

Take To The Skies With Prosecutors For Age Of Sigmar

37 days ago 34

Age Of Sigmar is getting a bunch of new models this weekend to round off the Stormcast Eternals (we think). It looks like you can expect some new characters from Games Workshop based on the Prosecutors.

Man O’ War Returns As Corsair Video Game

37 days ago 10

Man O’ War is returning but not as you knew it. ‘Corsair’ is developed by Evil Twin Artwork and looks like it’s going to be a bit of a jaunt around the Old World with your crew while you battle other fleets and monsters. See what you think of the teaser trailer…

Total War Warhammer Shows Off Its Surly Dwarfs

41 days ago 6

Total War Warhammer continues to impress with some more of their in-engine reveals of units that will be popping up in their grand strategy game. One such faction getting the preview treatment right now are the Dwarfs of the Warhammer World (yay!).

Strike From On High With New Age Of Sigmar Celestant-Prime

41 days ago 66

Games Workshop have a pretty big release for you this week in Age Of Sigmar. You’ll have seen the leaks for this earlier in the week but say hello to the big new plastic kit for the Stormcast Eternals, the Celestant-Prime…

New Celestant Prime Spotted For Age Of Sigmar

46 days ago 32

The Celestant Prime has been spotted for Age Of Sigmar by Games Workshop. Armed with Ghal Maraz this is a Greater Daemon sized addition to the armies of Sigmar and it looks fairly awesome. You can see the model HERE plus the rules too…