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The Age Of Sigmar Realmgate War Continues With Balance Of Power Book

10 days ago 25

Games Workshop continue their Realmgate War in Age of Sigmar with the second book in the series, pushing the campaign onwards. Balance of Power is the next chapter in the story as mighty armies clash and the background of Age of Sigmar gets built up…

New Battlesmiths & Berserkers Lead The Charge Of The Age Of Sigmar Fyreslayers

17 days ago 23

Games Workshop have added two more heroes to their roster of champions that will be leading the Fyreslayers of Age of Sigmar into battle. Here we have both the Battlesmith and the Grimwrath Berserker who take the fight to the enemies of Grimnir on foot…

Community Painting Picks – Tough Girls & Malifaux Toys

20 days ago 12

Welcome back to our first instalment of Community Painting Picks for 2016. We’ve got some neat picks for you including a tough Sci-Fi woman, some creepy Malifaux models and some Fantasy knights…

New Mighty Heroes & Magmadroths Fight For The Fyreslayers In Age Of Sigmar

24 days ago 34

Games Workshop have now released a new set of heroes for use with your Fyreslayers in Age of Sigmar. The sets that you can pick up are for the Magmadroth with options for a variety of different riders. You can either go with the Auric Runefather, Runesmiter or Runeson…

Weekender: Exploring Age Of Tyrants

Weekender: Exploring Age Of Tyrants

24 days ago 199

3 Colours Up – How To Paint An Orange Enamel Stormcast Eternal

26 days ago 8

Welcome to another of Romain’s Stormcast Eternal tutorials. Today sees him painting up a supper shiny orange colour scheme so if you liked his Jade tutorial this might be another one to add to your must watch list.

New Fyreslayer Beasts & Characters Coming Soon To Age Of Sigmar

28 days ago 18

Some leaks from the upcoming White Dwarf have given us some additional information on future Age of Sigmar Fyreslayers from Games Workshop.

The Fyreslayers Fight Their Way Into Age Of Sigmar

31 days ago 66

If you were wondering when the next big faction was going to come to Age of Sigmar then wonder no more. After all the spoilers the next army, the Fyreslayers, are now on pre-order from Games Workshop.

Weekender: Mantic's Ronnie Talks The Walking Dead Plus New GW Starter Sets

Weekender: Mantic Talks The Walking Dead Plus New GW Starter Sets

31 days ago 288

3 Colours Up – How To Paint A Jade Stormcast Eternal

33 days ago 17

Welcome back for the new year! Romain has another of his Stormcast Eternal Liberator Tutorials. This time we’ll get to see how to paint up a really lovely Jade scheme.

The Fyreslayers Are Coming To Age Of Sigmar This Week

36 days ago 40

It looks like we’re going to be seeing a huge array of flame-haired Dwarfs (Duardin sorry…) coming to the tabletop for Age of Sigmar this week thanks to Games Workshop. A new round of leaks have dropped from the latest White Dwarf showing off some impressive new plastic kits…

New Previews – Blood Bowl IS Returning To The Tabletop

37 days ago 58

Forge World are handling the future of Specialist Games with Games Workshop and one of the first products to be seen is Blood Bowl. At a recent open day event they showed off some of the concept art for the teams AND more importantly also some great images of the models they’ve worked on so far…

Get Started In Warhammer 40,000 & Age Of Sigmar With New GW Sets

38 days ago 29

Games Workshop have put together a selection of new Starter Army packs for both Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar giving you the core of a new fighting force to use with either of these systems.

3 Colours Up – How To Paint A NMM Copper Stormcast Eternal

40 days ago 9

We get stuck into another tutorial with the help of Romain where he shows off another of the Non-Metallic Metal techniques. This time he’s using a Copper effect to paint his Stormcast Eternal Liberator.

Weekender XLBS: Boxing Day Special

Weekender XLBS: Boxing Day Special

45 days ago 96

We hope you had a good Christmas
and now it’s Boxing Day we
thought we’d pop up and tell
you about some of the
presents we got and then
see your own shared in
the comments below…