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The Grim & The Grave Expansion Coming To Total War: Warhammer

5 days ago 14

Total War: Warhammer continues on after Call Of The Beastmen (an excellent DLC I recommend picking up) with The Grim & The Grave which will add two more Legendary Lords and more to your Warhammer Fantasy experience.

Call Of The Beastmen Expansion Coming To Warhammer: Total War

45 days ago 14

The team at Creative Assembly have a big new chunk of DLC coming to Total War: Warhammer this month on the 28th July. The Beastmen are appearing from their woodland haunts.

Explore Castle Drachenfels In New Vermintide DLC

94 days ago 7

The team at Fatshark have another challenge for those of you who have played through Vermintide. The new DLC, Drachenfels, takes you to the haunted castle of the Vampire Counts where you must face off against the Skaven once again and foil their plots.

Weekender XLBS: Warhammer Fest Round Up - A New Start For GW?

Weekender XLBS: Warhammer Fest Round Up – What’s Ahead?

100 days ago 80

We continue to catch Warren up on the world of wargaming AND delve into some deeper thoughts and background on Warhammer Fest and what’s coming soon from Games Workshop…

Weekender: Win A Copy Of This War Of Mine & Battlegroup Chat

Weekender: Win A Copy Of This War Of Mine & Battlegroup Chat

101 days ago 344

Warren’s back from honeymoon and needs catching up on the world of tabletop wargaming…

The Yogscast Take On Total War Warhammer With Battle Commanders!

105 days ago 8

Check out Battle Commanders from the Yogscast as they try and control armies from Total War: Warhammer!

Weekender XLBS: Chatting Hobby With Romain & A New Way Of Transporting Board Games?

Weekender XLBS: Chatting Hobby With Romain & A New Way Of Transporting Board Games?

107 days ago 80

Welcome Backstage to check out
some great Kickstarters and
delve into a load of hobby
that we’ve been getting
stuck into this week…

Check Out Golden Demon Past & Present With New Website

112 days ago 9

Games Workshop have now created a website that will be collecting and showcasing all of the wonderful entries for Golden Demon.

Black Library Start Up New Graphic Novel Collection

118 days ago 13

Black Library have bought back a series of Graphic Novels from the worlds of Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy from Games Workshop and they’re now available in fancy paper back or digitally…

Total War Warhammer Team Show Off Chaos Warriors Battle

122 days ago 2

The Total War: Warhammer team showed off another Let’s Play battle this week for the forces of Chaos that are descending from the North.

New Ways Of Playing Age Of Sigmar Coming This Summer

126 days ago 121

Over on the Age of Sigmar Facebook Page they have announced the changes and updates that are coming to Age of Sigmar this summer.

The Age Of Sigmar Waaagh! Begins With New Orruks

129 days ago 46

Age of Sigmar is about to be enveloped in a wave of destruction at the hands of the Orruks from Games Workshop who are now storming into their new Fantasy world to make it their own.

Weekender: New Warmachine & Hordes Rules - Privateer Press Interviewed!

Weekender: New Warmachine & Hordes Rules – Privateer Press Interviewed!

129 days ago 65

We’re a bit knackered after Salute
but we’re still here to share some
tabletop gaming goodness
with you all!

Savage New Age Of Sigmar Orruk Images Appear Online

133 days ago 66

Some fantastic new Orc images have appeared from an upcoming White Dwarf for Games Workshop’s Age of Sigmar. I have to say I wasn’t overly convinced to begin with but see what you think now…

The Orruks Army Next Up For Games Workshop’s Age of Sigmar

140 days ago 24

It looks like Games Workshop have their sights set on the Orruks (Orcs) as the next army to get an update in Age of Sigmar.