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Lucid Eye Summon The Dread Cordwangler & Tease New Adventures


Lucid Eye is working their way through new monstrous creatures to shock you as part of their Toon Terrors range.

Lucid Eye Reveal Wyt Ironclaw, Nordane Raider For The Elf King


Lucid Eye has been revealing more of the miniatures coming out as part of the expansion for The Red Book Of The Elf King.

The Elf King Troll Wars Expansion Pre-Orders Launch From Lucid Eye


Lucid Eye has now launched a range of new deals and releases for the Troll Wars Expansion to The Red Book Of The Elf King.

Lucid Eye’s Toon Realms Meets Its Toad King Next Year


Lucid Eye has been working alongside Trish Carden once more to work away on a new character/creature for the world of Toon Realms.

Lucid Eye Start Julien Delval Collection With Duc Dragàn Firenze


Lucid Eye has started their Julien Delval Collection with its first miniature, Duc Dragàn Firenze.

Lucid Eye Find A Toll Troll Under Their Toon Realms Bridge


Lucid Eye continues to build on their range of Toon Realms miniatures with another stunning monster.

The Red Elf Takes Shape For Lucid Eyes’ The Elf King


With The Troll Wars expansion coming to Lucid Eye's The Red Book Of The Elf King you'll be able to snag yourself a copy of The Red Elf with each order of the book.

Lucid Eye Create Vagabond & Cosmic Tentacle Beast Toons


Lucid Eye has been tinkering away on some more miniatures for both the Toon Realms and the Toon Terrors range.

Lucid Eye Preview Troll Wars Expansion For The Elf King


Lucid Eye is preparing to take you deeper into the world of The Red Book Of The Elf King with a new expansion supplement, Troll Wars. 

Sea Serpents & Dragonlords Released For Lucid Eye’s Toon Realms


Lucid Eye has continued to add to their Toon Realms range with some new monsters, characters and more.

Lucid Eye Wake The Trees & Reveal New Ziggurat Range


The team at Lucid Eye has been working away on all sorts of new releases for you over the last few days.

Trish Carden Sculpts Up A Mighty Ent For Lucid Eye


Trish Carden has sculpted up a new miniature for the team at Lucid Eye who are delving into Toon Realms even more with this surly looking Ent!

Lucid Eye Release Trish Carden’s Pitch The Dragon


Lucid Eye has now released their new Dragon designed in conjunction with Trish Carden.

Lucid Eye Tease New Model From The Elf King Troll Wars Expansion


Lucid Eye released the rules and range for The Red Book Of The Elf King a few months ago and they are already working towards an expansion, Troll Wars. 

New Superheroes & Shallow Ones Pop Up In Lucid’s Toon Range


A couple of new miniatures have popped up on the Lucid Eye webstore for both their Toon Terrors and Toon Supers range.

Lucid Eye Tease New Toon Realms Heroes & A Very Cute Dragon


Lucid Eye has been sharing more of their fantastic Toon Realms range which is going to be coming soon. We start with a new character who popped up in their previews.

Exclusive! Lucid Eye Working On New Draconic Project With Julien Delval


Lucid Eye is expanding their range once more as they are working with another artist on a fantastic new project with Julien Delval!

Lucid Eye Expand The Toon Range Into Supers & Terrors!


Lucid Eye has expanded its range of Toon sculpts into both Supers and Terrors.

Weekender: Mass Battle Games Are Dead!


We're backing a bold claim today. Mass battle games are dead...long live skirmish games. Seriously, just ask the Kill Team Cat!

A Master Of The Arts Comes To Life With FitzPatrick’s Lugh


Lucid Eye wasn't content with just their releases for Toon Realms yesterday as they also put up the pre-order for their next Jim FitzPatrick miniature.

Weekend Cartoons On The Tabletop With Toon Realms By Lucid Eye!


Lucid Eye continues to grow their Toon Realms range with a whole host of new characters and foes for you to snap up.

Lucid Eye’s Quirky Toon Realms Range Expanding Soon


Lucid Eye has previewed more from their Toon Realms range as a new wave of releases are on their way. Check out these quirky fey folks!

Lucid Eye’s Princess Posie Takes On Toon Realms Foes


Lucid Eye continues to populate the Toon Realms with new characters and encounters. The first of these is Princess Posie, another new character to help face off against Lord Rascal's minions. Whilst other Princesses might need saving I would reckon […]

Community Spotlight: Fae Elf Kings, Bossonian Bad Guys & Heroes Of Westeros


Come and check out some excellent painting from our community this week!

Lucid Eye Introduce The Villain & Goons Of Toon Realms


Lucid Eye has introduced the villains of Toon Realms, their new range of Fantasy miniatures that look perfect for those looking for a more whimsical Fantasy adventure on the tabletop.

Lucid Eye Get Ready To Adventure In Toon Realms!


Lucid Eye is about to take you on another Fantasy adventure with three new models for Toon Realms.

Lucid Eye Unveil Sculpt For FitzPatrick’s Balor Of The Evil Eye


Lucid Eye continue building on their Jim FitzPatrick Collection with Balor Of The Evil Eye!

Lucid Eye Preview Next Jim FitzPatrick Character, Balor!


Lucid Eye is continuing their work alongside Jim FitzPatrick to bring more of his artwork to life on the tabletop. The next big character is going to be Balor Of The Evil Eye!

Lucid Eye’s Beautiful FitzPatrick Ériu Now Available For Pre-Order


Lucid Eye has now made available for pre-order their new Eriu miniature sculpted in conjunction with Jim FitzPatrick.

Lucid Eye Sculpting FitzPatrick’s Ériu & New Savage Core Models


Lucid Eye is working with Jim FitzPatrick, the renowned Irish artist, on another of his character designs. This time they are going to be creating Ériu in miniature form...

Lucid Eye Focus In On Savage Core As Next Big Project


Lucid Eye seems to be focusing in on Savage Core as their next big project after The Red Book Of The Elf King. 

Lucid Eye Show Off With Hypnocrats & New Savage Core Warriors


Lucid Eye has been showing off more of The Hypnocrats for their expanding The Plot Device world and will be introducing them to their webstore soon.

Lucid Eye Introduce New Wild Characters To The Plot Device


Lucid Eye has looked towards one of their other games this week as they show off another of the models coming out for The Plot Device and The Hypnocrats.

Lucid Eye Shows Off The Elf King Himself, Ehlim


Lucid Eye has now shown off the finished miniature for Ehlim, The Elf King. This has popped up as we look towards the final few days of their pre-order period for The Red Book Of The Elf King. 

Lucid Eye Preview A New Powerful Thane For The Elf King


Lucid Eye has published another preview of a new Thane for The Elf King. This time we're focusing on Meksant Farseer who is one of the more powerful Glamour users in the game.

Lucid Eye Preview The Troll Thane Cufnir For The Elf King


Lucid Eye has added another Thane into the mix for The Red Book Of The Elf King. Here we have Cufnir The Betrayer, Troll Thane and leader of one of the alternative factions in the game.

New Thane Previewed For The Elf King, Alloysian Of The Marshes


Lucid Eye has previewed the next of The Elf King Thanes. Here we have the deadly Alloysian Of The Marshes.

The Red Book Of The Elf King Preview


Ben takes a look at the forthcoming game, The Red Book Of The Elf King, by Rick Priestley and Lucid Eye Publishing.

Lucid Eye’s Jim FitzPatrick Miniature Now Available For Pre-Order


The special Jim FitzPatrick Miniature from Lucid Eye that we teased a few weeks ago is now available to pre-order from their webstore with a delivery date of May.

Lucid Eye Preview The Urdane Mortal Leader For The Elf King


Lucid Eye dropped another preview for The Red Book Of The Elf King this week as they showed off Brux Of The Out Isles, the leader and Thane of the Urdane Mortals.

Lucid Eye’s The Red Book Of The Elf King Pre-Orders Open


Lucid Eye Publishing has now opened up pre-orders for The Red Book Of The Elf King. The pre-order period runs through until the end of May and offers you up a chance to pick up a range of characters and more to get you started in their Fantasy skirmish game by Rick Priestly.

Lucid Eye’s Trolls, Mortals & Crones Previewed For The Elf King


Lucid Eye has previewed three more sets of models that will be coming to The Elf King soon.

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